Denny Bros’ solutions to fix food industry’s labelling dilemma

From December 2016 food labelling will become even more complex when the latest EU Food Information Regulation comes into force. From then it will be compulsory for back of pack labelling to carry a nutrition declaration.

Added to this, Britain’s Royal Society of Public Health has also suggested putting exercise graphics on food packaging. The idea is to inform the consumer on exercise time needed to burn off the calories consumed. However with the amount of forthcoming regulatory information that labels will be required to display, the product will be swamped.

Denny Bros Ltd, which pioneered multi-page labels, has a clever food solution that allows supplementary information to be incorporated with minimum brand intrusion. Other additional information can also include cooking instructions, recipes and serving suggestions.

Its multi-page labels, known as Fix-a-Form®, holds all the key information. The label can be attached to any food packaging surface – even chilled foods. Numerous advantages to the manufacturer include: a decluttered front of pack to protect branding, a possible reduction in production costs due to smaller packaging requirements and thus an improvement in the product’s environmental credentials. There is also the ability to provide very comprehensive information for the consumer.

Denny Bros’ senior marketing executive, Stephie Castling, said: “We provide the food and drink industry with multi-page labels and linerless labels to allow them to display more information on their product. Manufacturers of food spreads for example have used our peel and reveal ingredients labels on their caps.

“Others have used our labels as part of their promotional work. Consumers peel open the label to reveal details of a promotion or enclosed gift such as a sticker, seeds or rub off tattoos. The labels can then be resealed afterwards.

“We have also provided multi-page labels for sauce bottles to have the ingredients and usage in multiple languages for export.”

Using Fix-a-Form® is an innovative and space-efficient way to communicate detailed product information without compromising shelf appeal. Denny Bros’ flexible and creative team can develop an individually-tailored labelling solution in a virtually unlimited range of shapes and sizes. It aims to provide the food manufacturer with cost effective ways to meet their legislative responsibilities regarding provision of ingredients and safety information.

Special characteristics can be incorporated into Denny Bros’ labels, such as moisture resistance, security and tamper-evident features, unique or random codes, braille, special adhesives and finishes, the ability to cope with temperature extremes, and even scratch-off panels and removable stickers. Multi-page labels provide many practical applications for the food industry.

Food suppliers and manufacturers must carry all the dietary information required by law. The clever move is to ensure this is achieved without diminishing a brand’s marketing message to consumers. Denny Bros’ multi-page labels can provide the space needed to communicate but not clutter.

Denny Bros sells Fix-a-Form® in the UK and beyond through its network of 20 licensed partners. They can all adapt its label to suit virtually any product or container. Its adaptability makes it suitable for a multitude of different food and drink applications.

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