Glaze-based fruit pieces

Herza Schokolade has developed a new ingredient line of glaze-based fruit pieces. The fruit pieces are available in ten flavours, including pineapple, banana, cassis, green apple, cherry, coconut, lime, mango, orange and lemon. The fruit pieces are available as single ingredients or as individual combinations of multiple varieties, and contain no artificial flavourings or synthetic […]


Flavour company’s new facility

Taste Flavour Creators has moved to a new facility in Tyberchamps in Seneffe, Belgium. The company now has a significantly larger research and development department as well as improved production capabilities to enable it to face new innovative challenge and to meet very specific customers’ demands. It also recently obtained FSSC 22000 certification, which includes […]

Coverage and flavour adhesion

tna has launched a new main line spray system that delivers optimum coverage and flavour adhesion. The tna intelli-flav CLO 3 is a closed loop oiler (CLO) suitable for use across a range of industries where it delivers highly accurate and concise oil application in tumble drums for product flavourings and other uses. The latest […]

Naturally flavoured candy

In response to the global trend for developing products that aim to benefit health, Brazil has launched a project to encourage the use of 10 tropical fruits in the creation of candies without the need for artificial colours, flavourings or acids. Traditional fruit, such as pineapple, banana, guava, mango and passion fruit, the superfruit Açaí […]

New flavours improve sweetness

 Sensient Flavors has added eight bespoke functional flavors to its APSS (All Purpose Sweet Solutions) range. The new black grape, cola, red summer fruits, orange, tropical, lemon, lime and green flavourings compensate for sensory drawbacks in products with reduced sugar content as well as those which are completely free from sugar. In reduced sugar formulations, […]

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Easier gum base production

Wacker, the German based chemical group, has developed a new solid resin that increases the efficiency of gumbase manufacturing. Gumbase is the water insoluble constituent of chewing gum, and acts as a carrier for sugar, sweeteners and flavourings. The production of chewing gum is usually a complex process that is performed in several stages and […]