Cobell to use less sugar with fruit juices

UK ingredients specialist Cobell has revealed it is exploring ways of using fruit and vegetable juices to provide a similar taste to sugar.

The company trades in more than 370 processed fruit and vegetable ingredients and products for the food and drink industry such as fruit juices, concentrates, purees and natural flavours and colours. It supplies numerous markets including confectionery, baking and patisserie, ice creams and sorbets, beverages such as smoothies, ciders and fruit beers, as well as desserts and yogurts.

With the move, Cobell aims to help people consume less sugar. Jenny Dolling, development manager in NPD at Cobell, explains, “We’re looking at using fruit and vegetable juices naturally lower in sugar, natural flavourings, to help lift the flavours, so you don’t notice they are less sweet, and high intensity sweeteners to enable us to take calories out of drinks.”

She adds, “It’s a tricky business weaning the population off sugar, but we’re all going to have to understand, like with salt, that we need to expect to consume less.”

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