Corbion plans major expansion of Spanish ingredient facilities

A major investment from Corbion at its Spanish facilities is set to triple its capability for producing acid powder ingredients, supporting development of next generation confectionery ranges, writes Neill Barston.

Significantly, as the company noted, the $17.4 billion gums and jellies segment of the global sweets market, innovation and new product introductions are reportedly happening disproportionately in sour gummies.

However, as the firm noted, supplies of  stable acid powder – a key enabler in such applications – has been tightening in recent years, against a backdrop of notable pressure on the wider ingredient sector around the world.

In response, global ingredient supplier Corbion will construct new facilities for producing its ingredient products based on organic acids, markedly increasing its ability to help its customers meet the demand for sour gummy products and other food applications.

The new production line, with capacity more than twice that of Corbion’s current acid powder production in Gorinchem, The Netherlands, will be added to the company’s existing site in Montmeló, Spain, and is expected to be online sometime in the second half of 2025.

“Our goal as an ingredient partner to confectioners and food manufacturers is always to enable innovation and growth,” said Willy van Arkel, Senior Product Manager at Corbion. “As a major supplier of stable, fat-free acid powders, we’re investing in this capacity expansion to support our customers in their efforts to deliver next-generation candies.”

Representing about 16 percent of new product launches in the global gums and jellies segment, sour gummies are growing faster than the overall category; while gums and jellies grew at a 2.5 percent CAGR from 2018-2022, sour gummies increased 8.15 percent during the same period.

Furthermore, as the company noted, Malic acid-based ingredients, such as Corbion’s PURAC Powder MA, have become the go-to solution for providing sour gummy products with instant, long-lasting fruity sourness and greater product stability for longer shelf life. Corbion’s product, in particular, delivers a more stable form of malic acid that offers low hygroscopicity and limits acid migration, so even acid-sanded
candies maintain their fresh, dry appearance and avoid stickiness longer.

“In addition to our current range of offerings, we are delighted to introduce our latest patented products, PURAC Powder MAX and PURAC Powder MAX Fine. Specifically designed for confectionery applications such as hard panning, tablets, and non pareille, these products
provide a remarkable sourness while ensuring the stability of texture and color.” van Arkel said.

“With these innovative solutions, we aim to enhance the overall sensory experience and maintain product quality for our valued customers.”

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