Exclusive: Prestat marks 120th birthday with selection box and Roald Dahl children’s charity support

Luxury British chocolate brand Prestat is marking its 120th birthday with a special limited edition anniversary selection box celebrating its long association with the sector, including its royal warrant bestowed by the late Queen Elizabeth II, reports Neill Barston.

The commemorative line (below) features hand-drawn illustrations and designs, featuring gold patterning that recalls the concept of its earliest product ranges, with its 210g offering the latest in the series of its finely crafted chocolates and truffles.

As previously reported by Confectionery Production, the business, which is now under the ownership of the Illy group, led by CEO Micaela Illy, main image), has continued its pattern of expansion, amid sustained demand for premium confectionery ranges (see our previous exclusive video interview with Micaela here).

This saw the business acquire British premium chocolate brand Rococo chocolates earlier this year, further expanding the company’s overall presence within the luxury confectionery market.

Emily Gerrard, Prestat marketing executive, noted the key milestone offered the business the chance to reflect on its achievements over more than a century, since its founding in 1902.

She said: “From the Dufours, who invented the Prestat truffles and established the business in London, to the current owners, we have always been driven by a shared desire: to produce only the finest chocolates and to create an experience unique to the whimsical world of Prestat.

To this day, each chocolate is still carefully crafted in London, and we only work with the freshest and finest ingredients to make family favourites and all-British recipes. Our chocolatiers take inspiration from exceptional ingredients, such as Scottish Whisky or Piemontese Pistachios to develop exciting new recipes and tantalising creations. After partnering with exciting artists and designers to make the magically eccentric universe of Prestat come alive, we are celebrating our anniversary with new designs spanning our much-loved products. Our chocolates may look different on the outside, but the taste and quality remain unchallenged.”

Roald Dahl charity partnership

Furthermore, as we have previously featured, the company’s historic links with children’s author Roald Dahl have been much-cherished by the business, which has led to its latest initiative with the late writer’s estate.

He was known, along with royalty and many celebrity admirers, to have been a particular fan of the brand, and it is widely believed that his experiences around the company inspired to write his classic Charlie and the Chocolate Factory novel.

Prestat has now teamed up with the Roald Dahl Marvellous Children’s Charity for a special ‘Black Friday’ sale, along with a number of other activities in support of the charitable organisation that provides support for seriously ill young people. Its network of specialist nurses totals a team of 86 (pictured below, courtesy of Prestat)), supporting over 25,000 youngsters.

The company added: “This partnership is close to our hearts. Not only is Roald Dahl a fixture in Prestat history, we hold the practice of joy-giving dear at Prestat. Whether that’s a box of chocolates that brings a family together or a Roald Dahl Nurse who can make a difference to a seriously ill child and their family, we believe in spreading joy and happiness to those who need it the most. The support Roald Dahl Nurses provide is emotional as well as clinical, and supporting their wealth of talent and care is a source of pride and joy for us all.”


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