Schur Flexibles explores sustainable confectionery packaging

Schur Flexibles is exploring a programme of research and development within the confectionery sector focused replacing materials based on aluminium and combinations of alternative materials that have proved difficult to separate, reports Neill Barston.

The packaging solutions group is examining recyclable options made from polyethylene as well as renewable raw materials, primarily paper, which are provided with appropriate coatings.

At FachPack 2022, the business will provide insights into innovative sustainable solutions, e.g. for sweets and other confectionery products, and unveil its new corporate direction.

One of the biggest challenges in the market is the lack of clear and consistent specifications regarding the future recycling of packaging – there are still country-specific, different recycling streams and cycles. Thanks to its broad positioning, the packaging specialist considers itself well equipped to respond to a wide range of specifications

The Schur Flexibles Group brings together specialised companies from the flexible packaging segment from all over Europe and has a local presence in numerous countries.

This provides it with a variety of applications and technical possibilities with which it creates innovative packaging solutions and supports its customers in their implementation.

Short reaction times and quick adaptations to market changes are further characteristics with which Schur Flexibles has established itself, above all, as a partner throughout Europe for small and medium-sized companies, e.g. from the confectionery segment.

Customers benefit particularly from the concentrated know-how under the umbrella of the group when it comes to a current topic in the industry: sustainable, resource-saving packaging for confectionery.

With the rethink strategy published in 2018 and its associated full-service concept, Schur Flexibles aims to offer its customers resource-saving alternatives to conventional packaging solutions. Development takes place at the flexible packaging specialist according to the 5R approach: Recycling (closed material cycles), Reduction (use of ultra-thin and lightweight films), Replacement (development of new materials), Renewal (ensuring regeneration and renewal of renewable resources) and Responsibility (responsibility for society, the environment and the economy).

“We stand by our customers as a strong partner. Small and medium-sized companies in particular need support when the highly innovative, sustainable materials are to be implemented on existing packaging layouts that were not originally intended for this purpose.

Here we can provide valuable assistance with specialised know-how and technical support,” says Juan Luís Martínez Arteaga, CEO of the Schur Flexibles Group. Visit the company at FachPack in Germany, Hall 7, Stand 332.

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