Belgium’s Keto Hero low-sugar bars expand for UK market

Belgian confectionery brand Keto Hero is extending its market presence in expanding to launch in the UK, following strong sales of its ranges, reports, Neill Barston.

As the company explained, it started up in response to rising potential within the specialist health product market, which has boomed during the past two years of the pandemic.

For its British expansion, the brand will launch with a series of three 100g bars in the range; Belgian Milk Chocolate, Belgian White Chocolate and Belgian Dark Chocolate.

According to the company, it has prided itself in targeting the delivery of healthy food options that are both better for you and offer plenty in the taste stakes. The brand has placed its focus on the Keto lifestyle market – which is a low carbohydrate, high fat diet which has seen a large growth in popularity.

In 2020, ‘keto’ was one of Google’s most searched for subjects, with over 25.4 million searches. With experts predicting that the keto industry will be worth $15.6m by 2027, and as has been reported by Confectionery Production, has gained particular popularity in the US.

Featuring impactful, informative, and colourful packaging designed for strong shelf appeal, the Keto Hero range is being delivered in the UK through confectionery wholesale firm Chocobel (specialising in low-sugar vegetarian, vegan and gluten free product ranges, which was recently acquired by J.M.Posner). The series has been developed for both standard confectionery aisles, or within a special diet focused store area.

According to its development team, it has worked with sector experts to create products that have combined quality flavours, using naturally occurring sugars and added ingredients including MCT oil and erythritol allowing consumers to hit their low carb needs and to stay in ‘ketosis’. The bars are a stand-alone product or can be used in baking to create keto friendly, low sugar treats.

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