Chocoa cocoa and chocolate event marks its tenth anniversary with Amsterdam return

The co-founder of the Chocoa cocoa and chocolate event, Jack Steijn, has expressed optimism for the live return of the key sector event, which is returning to Amsterdam this summer, writes Neill Barston.

Being held between 23 -25 June, it will place a number of major industry topics under the spotlight, as well as showcasing some of the most unique artisan crafted confectionery on the global market.

The annual showcase, which marks its tenth anniversary at Beurs Van Berlage, which last year went online due to the pandemic, had been lined-up for February, but is now returning in its original intended live format, featuring a trade fair, as well as the Amsterdam Sustainable Cocoa Conference. There will also be a Chocolate Makers’ Forum, including master classes for chocolate makers.

Speaking on the event’s development Jack Steijn (pictured), of organisers Equipoise,  explained that it would also offer a hybrid online element (based on last year’s show), as there will be limited space for the live show element in light of pandemic.

“Chocoa will be back next month with a programme that includes a trade fair, Amsterdam Sustainable Cocoa Conference and a Chocolate Makers’ Forum, including master classes for chocolate makers.

Booths for the trade fair are sold out. We will host exhibitors that are cocoa producers from various origins (Brazil, Cameroon, Congo DR, Dominican Republic, Ecuador, Ghana, Honduras, Mexico, Nicaragua, Peru, Venezuela), specialty cocoa traders, machine makers (Diamon Custom, Cocoa Town, Lareka, Nemisto, Spectra), NGO’s and service providers.

“The programme of the conference focusses the first day on the impact of the EU legislation on company due diligence responsibilities on deforestation and human rights infringements on supply chains (indirect vs direct sourcing, terminal markets) and on the question who will pay for the measures that are needed (the consumer though higher prices, the industry through lower margins or the weakest link in the chain, the cocoa farmer). The second day will be about agroforestry (impact on diversification of farmer revenues and climate change mitigation, impact finance for agroforestry) and innovation (new products such as cocoa juice by KOA).

Confectionery Production has previously covered several editions of the international cocoa and confectionery showcase, which has offered valuable reflections on core issues including sustainable production methods, means of tackling child labour, and highlighting significant trends in industry.

Steijn added: “The chocolate maker’s forum will discuss strategies to grow the market for specialty cocoa, consumer communication on sustainability of craft chocolate, souring couverture from cocoa producing countries, market access for chocolate makers from cocoa growing countries and innovative trends in specialty chocolate such as super foods, astonishing inclusions such as mushrooms, local and tropical fruits and moringa).

“The event will be hybrid, live streaming from a studio in Amsterdam with limited seating capacity and online all over the world. We will use the same virtual platform as last year, allowing for interactive participation in the conference and forum sessions as well as random matchmaking carousels, virtual network tables and one on one meetings. We’ll have a live lobby with interviews and program presentations by Chocoa staff and by journalists,” explained the co-founder of the prospects for the show. For more details visit

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