Major breakthrough for Rousselot with centre-filled nutraceutical gummies series

Ingredients business Rousselot, specialists in collagen-based solutions, has extended its SiMoGel series in developing centre-filled nutraceutical gummies for the global confectionery market.

As the company explained to Confectionery Production, its latest gelatin-based product has been designed to improve process efficiency and flexibility for a faster, cost-effective and hygienic production of nutrition enhanced and pharmaceutical sweets.

With this latest gummy-focused innovation, brands can develop innovative  “gummy caps” that combine evolving consumer preferences for chewable dosage forms, with the ability to include a broad range of nutrients at adequate dosage. The innovative, technical features of this new dosage form invented by Rousselot will be fully detailed at its FiE connects virtual event between 23rd November and 4th December.

From nutritional to OTC solutions, the business noted that consumer demand for functional gummies is growing. Beyond being a popular choice for children, gummy products have been shown to appeal to 65% of adults, highlighting their potential as a delivery form for nutraceutical and active pharmaceutical ingredients across different ages and needs.

Adding a liquid filling can also further boost the palate experience and expand the dosing possibilities of these products. However, producing centre-filled functional gummies with a variety of nutrients or APIs efficiently and economically can be complex.

“Bridging the gap between the appealing gummy delivery format and the RDI dosages required for nutraceuticals or APIs has long been a complex challenge for producers”, says Marit van der Heijden, Global Marketing Manager, Rousselot, which is part of the Darling Ingredients group.

“With the new SiMoGelTM concept for creating innovative center-filled gummy applications, we can help our customers to successfully tackle this obstacle. This supports our partners in creating premium center-filled gummies with a larger range of nutraceuticals or active pharmaceutical ingredients in higher concentrations, allowing them to differentiate their offering and meet the sophisticated expectations of today’s discerning consumers.”

SiMoGelTM enables the production of nutraceutical and pharmaceutical soft gummies in optimal conditions. With SiMoGel, the traditional starch moguls are replaced by silicone moguls or blisters. The starchless depositing, which can be done in either flexible and easily cleanable silicone or metal moulds, or directly in blister packs, prevents cross-contamination of ingredients. This technique also enhances application possibilities in terms of shape and texture, making an endless array of formats including 3D and high-dimensional products possible.

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