Sandvik Process Systems joins Wallenberg group as Ipco

Sandvik Process systems, which designs a wide range of steel belts and systems used within confectionery and bakery, is now operating as Ipco, part of Wallenberg group.

The business has 600 employees, with more than 35 sales and service offices and annual sales in excess of €200 million.

As the company explained, joining as an independent member of the Wallenberg group, IPCO has become part of an enterprise employing 600,000 employees, and more than €140 billion in total annual sales of holdings.

The company’s network of regional offices will enable it to continue to provide local, on-the-ground expertise backed up by a service organisation with the ability to support customers in any location around the world.

Ipco manufactures stainless and carbon steel belts for bake ovens, fruit and vegetable drying lines, as well as confectionery cooling and conveying operations.

In addition, the business produces its own process systems and is a leading supplier of forming/solidification equipment. This includes the Rotoform FD, a food-grade pastillation system used to turn molten chocolate into pastilles for remixing as an ingredient or as chocolate chips in cookies and cakes.

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