Extreme chewing gum

Bompas & Parr is building an artisanal chewing gum factory at Meet d3, which is held at the Dubai Design Centre from 2-4 April, where people will be able to create up to 40,000 flavour combinations in the 10m by 10m micro-factory.

Each visitor will be able to choose and combine 200 familiar and unusual flavours including iris, wild strawberry, green banana, black pepper, sandalwood, wasabi, fresh garlic and shrimp. In total 40,000 flavour combinations are possible. The flavours have been captured by maceration, distillation, expression and enfleurage.

Guests will first enter the ‘flavour library’, where they can choose from 200 flavours. Then to the making room, where the flavours, gum base and colour all come together.

Sam Bompas tells Caterer Middle East: “For d3, what we’re doing is creating an artisanal chewing gum factory, which is elevating the once vilified medium of chewing gum to a state of high art and high design whereby anyone that comes along will be able to make their own chewing gum, in a craft-based way.”

Bompas & Parr had previously created a prototype of this factory in the UK, but Bompas says: “With this one we’re going far, far beyond that. The one we did before was modest by comparison and this is pushing it to the extreme. We’re literally building an epic installation, which is a 10m by 10m chewing gum factory, which will knock people’s socks off, I hope!”

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