Ice cream van classics gain dancefloor revamp and inspire new Nestlé flavours

Jordan Banjo has revived some ice cream classic tunes for the dancefloor, alongside some new, nostalgic confectionery flavours. Pic: Nestle

Star of British street dance troupe, Jordan Banjo, has added a creative remix to two classic ice cream van jingles, as Nestlé unveils related nostalgic flavours for its classic confectionery lines to match, reports Neill Barston.

The popular dancer has recently found another outlet on Kiss Breakfast radio, and turned his attention to breathing some new life into some very familiar tunes – Greensleeves and Yankie Doodle Dandy 2.0, that he hopes will become as popular as the company’s latest offerings (see one of the videos here), and will be sharing the new jingles, as well as latest treats with commuters, taking to the road in a classic ice cream van to gain a verdict from consumers on the new series and tunes.

As the company explained, its latest confectionery includes a new range of sharing bags includes Neapolitan flavour Aero Melts, Raspberry Ripple flavour Milkybar Buttons, Cookie Dough Ice Cream flavour Munchies, and Ice Cream shaped Rowntree’s Randoms Foamies.

Inspired by Nestlé’s new ice cream inspired range and thoughts of the classic ice cream van jingles, JB has taken on two timeless, meandering ice cream van classics, Greensleeves and Yankee Doodle Dandy, and turned them into thumping, euphoric, beat-laden bangers that just might turn out to be floor-fillers in clubs up and down the country in the very near future.

Speaking on the quirky new campaign, Jordan (above) said: ‘I’ve always secretly dreamed of being an ice cream man and I’m a massive fan of the old school jingles, but it was time to get creative and playful.

“Those tunes needed a modern upgrade to grab attention, so we’ve dropped some beats and turned them into bangers you can hear coming down the road, and dance along to in the queue.’

Cat Mews, Brand Manager at Nestlé added: “Jordan did an amazing job reimagining the classic ice cream van and its familiar jingles. His creative work compliments what we’ve done by reimagining some of our best loved products with nostalgic, classic ice cream flavours. Now ice cream fans can have the fresh taste of their favourite flavours all year round, and dance whilst tucking in”.

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