Improving productivity

AAK has launched a new release agent, which improves productivity and appearance, while reducing wastage.

Rolloff 600 is a new sprayable release agent, which, tests show, can improve productivity by up to 4%.

Part of AAK’s Rolloff range of release agents, Rolloff 600 is applied to oven bands, tins and belts using spray gun or spinning disc systems to help goods release cleanly once baked.

With a new liquid composition that gives greater viscosity, Rolloff 600 can be applied with accuracy and doesn’t spread too widely once applied.

Suitable for a broad range of baked goods, including cakes, biscuits and morning goods, Rolloff 600 enables items to be released more quickly, easily and with less waste.

Productivity is increased and so too is turnover. Indeed, an AAK customer and cake manufacturer has reported a consistent productivity increase of 2%, and in some cases up to 4%, since using Rolloff 600.

This improved performance has translated into an increased turnover for the company.

Other reported benefits included improved appearance, according to Helen Flower, marketing manager at AAK: “Our customer has found that the improvement in performance was not limited to productivity alone. Overall appearance has improved dramatically. Cakes that previously had lipped edges now display a perfectly smooth domed finish.”


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