New checkweigher range to optimise flexibility

Product inspection specialist Mettler-Toledo Garvens has launched its new dynamic C Series of checkweighers, designed to optimise flexibility on production and packaging lines.

The C Series comprises three main product lines. The turnkey C31 StandardLine has been designed for packages weighing up to 6kg, with a throughput rate of 200 units per minute. It can be combined with metal detection technology to provide checkweighing and foreign body detection in one compact system. Optional feature include water protected conveyor belts and stable guide rails for fault-free product flow with minimal downtime.

The C33 PlusLine, meanwhile, is capable of weighing packages between 7g and 7.5kg, at throughput rates of up to 300 units per minute. In addition to offering optional features, such as encapsulated and highly resistant conveyor belts for the weighing of sharp granules, the company says the machine can be combined with one of three complementary advanced metal detection systems.

The C35 AdvancedLine covers a weighing range from three grams to 10kg and measures up to 600 units per minute. The system can be customised with a range of ejection, transport and conveyor belt options, making it adaptable to manufacturers’ individual needs. It can be integrated with metal detection, vision and x-ray inspection technology in a compact and space-saving combination system.

“With increasing production speeds, more frequent product changeovers and shrinking packaging sizes, the need for product handling flexibility is greater than ever before,” says Markus Schade, head of marketing at Mettler-Toledo Garvens.

“However, this cannot come at the expense of weighing accuracy. With the global launch of the C Series, manufacturers can benefit from both high-precision checkweighing and optimised adaptability. As a result, they can easily introduce new products to their lines and ensure consistent compliance with international weights and measures standards.”

The C Series also includes the C21 StandardLine and C23 PlusLine model variants for larger products, weighing between 80g and 80kg. Both are capable of throughput rates of up to 200 packs per minute, optimising productivity on lines processing heavy items.

In addition, the four tube design of the C Series is said to ensure optimum measuring accuracy by minimising vibrations from the conveyor and surrounding machinery.

The waterproof stainless steel housing and bevelled edges allow for quick and easy cleaning, while the ergonomic front position of the cabinet of the C33/C31/C23/C21 model variants is mounted in front of the weighing belt to ensure safe access and operation of the multilingual touchscreen. This, the company says, reduces the risk of potential injury and enhances production security.

All models in the C Series can be installed in production lines across various sectors and support a range of open communication interfaces and protocols for Industry 4.0 environments.

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