British Rema launches interchangeable blender

British Rema Process Equipment has launched an Interchangeable Blender for the homogeneous blending of multiple granular products, dry powders and liquids into powders, including fragile and abrasive products of varying densities and batch sizes.

Suitable for laboratory and small-scale production with a capacity of between 5 and 100 litres, the Blender comprises a base section with motor/gear box, support structure and cantilevered arm capable of holding a range of interchangeable blender body types and sizes.

Products with different densities can be blended without the capital expense of multiple blenders or the resulting poor quality blending and longer blend times associated with process compromises such as over or under filling blenders. Cross contamination is eliminated as individual products can be dedicated to a single blender cone or section.

The base can be fitted with V Cone, Double Cone, Ribbon, Octagonal and IBC blender bodies. Body sizes in a range of five to 100 litres can be kept in storage on a dedicated trolley and, with a simple connection, the bodies changed in a matter of minutes.

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