Hershey celebrates Great Place to Work certification

The Hershey Company is celebrating after its US business has been certified by the Great Place to Work global industry authority on employee experience, which has been awarded on the basis of direct feedback from present staff, reports Neill Barston.

As Confectionery Production reported last month, the business enjoyed a strong performance at last month’s Sweets & Snacks Expo in Chicago (see our video review of the event here), launching a wide range of new product lines across its portfolio.

The company has welcomed its latest accolade, which has been awarded on the basis of “consistent and intentional dedication to the overall employee experience,” according to Sarah Lewis-Kulin, the Vice President of Global Recognition at Great Place to Work. According to the authority’s research, job seekers are 4.5 times more likely to find a great boss at a company which has gained accredited status. Additionally, its research asserted that employees at Certified workplaces are 93% more likely to look forward to coming to work and are twice as likely to be paid fairly, earn a fair share of the company’s profits and have a fair chance at promotion.

“Our recognition again by Great Place to Work showcases our commitment to providing our employees a fulfilling experience focused on wellbeing, growth and career advancement,” said Michele Buck, Chief Executive Officer of The Hershey Company. “We believe that an equitable workplace and culture fosters innovation, collaboration and growth – critical drivers which propel us forward on our journey to become a Leading Snacking Powerhouse.”

As Hershey added, its workforce is driven by a people-first culture of co-creation – empowering employees to embrace their authentic selves, take ownership of their work and unlock career potential. The company recognises that its people are its greatest asset, actively investing in professional development and upskilling opportunities.

Its most recent employee drives include its ‘Say Hola’ scheme promoting equitable and accessible workplace by actively investing in employee development programmes and adapting its facilities to accommodate different needs. Last year, the company launched its first U.S. bilingual manufacturing facility in Hazleton, Pa. ‘Say Hola’ is a proof point of the company’s people-first manufacturing vision.

Furthermore, the business has a legacy of supporting the U.S. military dates back to World War I, when the company supplied chocolate to U.S. soldiers. Today, veterans continue to be a key part of its workforce, bringing unique perspectives and experiences. In 2022, under the guidance of our Veteran Business Resource Group (BRG), it partnered with the National Veterans Business Development Council, bolstering access to diverse supplier networks.

Another key area of policy development for the business has been in regards to parental leave, with the company adopting a system of supporting supporting employees and their families through its employment framework.

“Great Place to Work Certification underscores our commitment to creating a workplace where our employees can reach their full potential,” said Chris Scalia, Chief Human Resources Officer, The Hershey Company. “We know our people can be their best when they feel their best. This means working to make sure everyone here feels supported, inspired and valued. To do this, we are constantly evolving to build a culture that values diversity, builds careers and embraces a strong sense of community.”


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