Germany’s BDSI trade body welcomes EU proposals for major supply chain legislation

The BDSI German confectionery association has welcomed proposals from the EU Commission for a European supply chain law that is anticipated to have a major positive effect on a number of sectors including major cocoa farming operations, writes Neill Barston.

As the industry organisation noted, the issue of mandatory due diligence for the sector and delivering on sustainability goals is key topic, and it is a subject sweets, ice cream and snacks manufacturers in the country continue to take especially seriously.

According to the BDSI, the introduction of such legislation would have core benefits in terms of contributing to higher social and environmental standards, better education and thus to growth and prosperity.

Significantly, a total of 77% of German businesses use cocoa and over 90% palm oil, which are certified according to sustainability standards, though the sector believes that the appropriate  implementation of such laws is of crucial significance.

Dr. Carsten Bernoth, General Manager of the BDSI said: “The planned European supply chain law must remain feasible for companies in Europe. Nor should it
cause companies from supplier countries to move out completely, withdraw and thus amplify the existing problems in these nations.”

From the point of view of the BDSI, the guideline can only be effective if not only the companies are held accountable, but if with the partners in the supply chain are cooperated with and supported.

On the other hand, the BDSI rates the draft law as positive that the proposal of the European supply chain law expressly requires certification and testing recognised by independent third parties as effective tools.

As the industry body noted, many countries of the world, from which the confectionery industry raw materials refers, human rights are still not respected, although they are often states that have signed the relevant international conventions, with violations not being prosecuted.

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