CSM UK eliminates AZO Colorants from product range

13 June – Increasing consumer interest in natural, clean label products and naturally coloured foods has lead CSM United Kingdom, along with its European counterparts, to set a July 2010 deadline for the replacement of synthetic AZO colorants with non-AZO colorants used in their products.

‘CSM’s transition to non-AZO colorants across its product portfolio has been in direct response to the increasing number of large and small bakeries who have for some time been eager to use natural colours in their consumer menu. Now, bakers can use every one of our products in the full confidence that they are adhering to EU regulations and meeting consumers’ health concerns associated with AZO colorants,” explains Ivor McKane, business unit director – artisan and industry, CSM United Kingdom.

CSM’s switch to non-AZO colorants anticipates a new EU regulation stipulating that products containing AZO colorants be labelled with the following heath warning: “May have an adverse effect on activity and attention in children.”

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