Natural Mexican sweetener

MexImport, a specialist importer and distributor of quality Mexican food and drink products, has signed an exclusivity deal with Naturally Organic to distribute its brand, True Agave, a leading producer of agave syrup in Mexico.

The perfect substitute to sugar, True Agave syrup is a natural sweetener that originates from the blue agave plant. With a low glycaemic index that eliminates sugary highs and lows, it is excellent for your digestive system and can achieve intestine balance.

Alongside the syrup, MexImport will also be distributing True Agave’s flavoured inulin, which is available in chocolate, vanilla and natural, and its granulated agave syrup.

Founder of MexImport, Katya Torres says: “We are very excited to be managing True Agave. The product is from the Mexican state of Jalisco, where agave is grown and the syrup is produced, and offers incredible health benefits and is a very versatile product that deserves maximum expose here in the UK.”
True Agave is a self-sustainable product, being produced in collaboration with agave plantations, farmers and producers; the syrup is a result of a celebrated quality control process.

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