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Website: http://www.drouven-cle.de/en
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We produce and sell machines and laboratory equipment for the confectionery development or the production of samples on a small scale. Our technicians are looking forward to advise you. Their expert knowledge allows finding the equipment best suits your requirement. 1) Dissolving and Cooking Machine A static cooking/dissolving unit with external steam heating 2) Coating Pan Coating pan made of stainless steel with variable speed and variable angle with ambient air feeding 3) Sugar Pulling Machine The machine is designed to process a wide range of products with a weight between 500 and 800 gr. 4) Chewing Gum Cutting Unit Chewing gum cutting unit with crank handle for the manual cutting of chewing gum pillows. 5) Destarching Machine The machine is made of stainless steel, on a stable foundation with sieving device and starch suction over cyclone with filter. 6) Depositing Hoppers Depositing hopper for liqueur masses • For crust liqueurs, gums and jellies, hard caramels / low viscosity masses • Easy to use • Can be equipped with 4-colour element to allow the combination of up to 4 different masses Depositing hopper for truffle masses • For truffle masses / masses of high viscosity • Easy to use • Practical holder stand 7) Moulds We offer high quality moulds for your mogul plant, according to your individual needs and requirements.

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