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HISTORY Starting in the sixties, DRIAM is now considered one of the leading manufacturers for coaters with perforated, multi-sided pans and a patented process of air guidance, utilizing ducts mounted on the outside of the pan. DRIAM is also leading in an area of high-volume coaters in various branches and has been offering state-of-the-art equipment for more than 40 years. DRIAM is supporting the industry through a worldwide sales and service network coordinated from the headquarters in Germany and the DRIAM USA affiliate in the US. DRIAM employees are highly qualified professionals with extensive know how originating from mechanical, process or economical oriented specialists of both, the food and pharmaceutical industries. For this reason and by being in the business for many years, DRIAM could establish its well-known name and reputation in the coating technology. PROCESS AND PROJECTS How to successfully handle coating processes? ………. long-lasting and comprehensive experiences to accumulate know how around the coating process became extremely helpful. A new product, a difficult process, a sensitive centre or other challenges allowed DRIAM to provide solutions for their customers on a daily base. How to realize coating projects? ……….since the nineties, the volume of investments projects have developed considerably. A solid know how for the technical and commercial aspects of a project warrant a high degree of security to successfully realizing a project. Consequently, almost all of the projects realized through DRIAM with overall responsibility are executed as turnkey projects whereas entire coating departments are often realized completely through DRIAM. PRODUCT PORTFOLIO DRIAM is capable to offer comprehensive and balanced solutions from simple projects up to complex production programs where the coater itself is seen as just one of several important components. Projects typically consist of a batch coater or a continuous coater. Included are also dosing technology, air handling equipment, storage and material handling components and the necessary controls which cover not only control functions but also the necessary protocolling, managing and visualization responsibilities. The wide range of service options could not be excluded anymore from DRIAM's service options. Besides comprehensive engineering services, a modern lab is also available, capable of simulating any imaginary process. Rounding up the picture are training weeks for customers. DRIAM is providing all services related to coating technology and satisfied customers worldwide are able to take advantage of comprehensive state of the art, all around systems. Prevailing technologies are continuously refined and can be found wherever versatile applications are required. The major manufacturing program consists of the machine types DRIACOATER (perforated) and DRIAMAT (non-perforated) with batch capacities from 1 – 3000 kg as well as continuously operating machines DRIACONTI and DRIACONTI-T with batch capacities up to 1000 kg per hour.

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