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Mantrose UK Ltd is the European subsidiary of the US based Mantrose-Haeuser, world leaders in functional edible coating technologies for the confectionery, bakery, pharmaceutical & nutraceutical industries. For more than 100 years, Mantrose has been a leading producer of shellac products manufactured at its North American refineries. Our long history and unique expertise in shellac production ensures we can formulate confectionery glazes of the highest quality. All of our coatings have been formulated to meet the demands from our customers for ease of application and are supplied in a ready to use form.

Mantrose offers a range of product lines for the confectionery industry:

  • Our Certiseal polishes produce a smooth and brilliant shine on panned chocolate in a very time efficient process. We also offer a range of products that deliver protection, gloss and barrier on soft and hard sugar shell products like chewing gum, sugar panned chocolate centers, non pareille etc.
  • Our Certicoat polishes for gummies, licorice, Liquorice CQ moulded confectionery products, act as an anti-stick and release agent while providing a gloss with help of different waxes used.
  • The Crystalac Shellac glazes provide a fantastic finish to many substrates. They provide a protective moisture and temperature barrier while preserving gloss and enhancing colour.

Research & Development

  • Expertise in functional edible coating and surface treatment applications in multiple industries, including confectionery and bakery, vegetable and fruits, pharmaceutical, cosmetic, and industrial
  • Pilot plant capabilities
  • 3 dimensional gloss measurement
  • Analytical expertise in many area
  • Microbiological analyses

Functional Edible Film Formers

Confectionery Production