A look at Interpack

As the industry gears up for the international processing and packaging fair Interpack, Confectionery Production takes a look at what will be on show.


Aasted – Hall 2, Stand A03

Aasted will display new technologies within tempering, enrobing, cooling and moulding line equipment. This includes its new Nielsen enrober with upgraded features and Nielsen cooling tunnel with an upgraded design and improved flexibility. It also includes the company’s Jensen moulding line with the patented FrozenCone cold pressing system and its ChocoAnalyzer measuring instrument. In addition, the group will present equipment combined in six complete lines, for example, its bar line, chips depositing line, oven line including its Alice depositor/extruder, as well as standalone equipment.

AMP-Rose – Hall 3, Stand E29

AMP-Rose will showcase its high speed automatic Neapolitan NR10 wrapping machine for square and rectangular tablets. It has been designed to use either single or double wrappers, with the outer paper taken from a stack of pre-cut labels rather than reel fed systems. By using pre-printed labels, the company says manufacturers are able to pack small quantities of product, which is particularly useful for smaller volume production. AMP-Rose will also present its cut and wrap capabilities with its new 755T machine, new multipack wrapping machine and equipment for bar forming lines.

Baker Perkins – Hall 4, Stand C21

Baker Perkins will showcase its new equipment and end product technology for the biscuit, cracker and bar industries, including a three-roll sheeter and gauge roll. The new TruClean three-roll sheeter and gauge roll completes the upgrade of Baker Perkins’ range of sheet forming and cutting lines, bringing benefits in maintenance and hygiene, with lower costs and faster changeovers. The lines comprise either a three-roll sheeter or a laminator to take a bulk feed of dough and form it into a sheet, ready to pass through gauge rolls which achieve the chosen thickness and then a rotary cutter before baking.

BCH – Hall 5, Stand E43

Focusing on the extrusion section of a liquorice micro line, BCH will showcase an inline mixer, flow divider and 10 rope extruder, as well as typical samples of items that can be manufactured on these lines. Typically, the micro line system is capable of producing liquorice in single or four colour at up to 250kg  per hour, or 350kg per hour with sugar paste. The new BCH space saving extrusion lines can produce a range of filled and solid liquorice products with the option of 100 per cent fruit manufacture as well. System capacities range from 50kg per hour to 1,000kg per hour.

Bosch Packaging Technology – Hall 6, Stand A31

Bosch Packaging Technology will showcase its upgraded Rapidsolver BLK 2500 BR for dissolving jelly masses. It features a patent pending heat recovery system used to preheat the mass, which is said to use up to 50 per cent less energy. In addition, energy saving dissolving is achieved through the optimised design of the machine, allowing steam pressure to be reduced by 0.3 bar, relieving thermal stress on the product and preserving its quality and taste. The machine’s new hygienic design is said to enable quicker cleaning times by eliminating areas that can trap food residues and cause contamination. The company will also present an advanced version of its bar production system. The system reaches a constant output of up to 1,500 bars per minute in primary packaging.

Bühler – Hall 3, Stand D24/D46

Bühler will display its offerings for making chocolate products, cocoa, nuts, coffee, sweets, biscuits, cookies, crackers, cereal and energy bars, breakfast cereals, and snacks. The Bühler Networking Days will feature four core themes that impact the food processing industry: sustainability, nutrition, food safety and the growing importance of the Internet of Things.

Caotech – Hall 3, Stand C24

Caotech, which specialises in ball mills and conches, will highlight CAO B3000-CHOC DUO, an automated processing line for the production of chocolate and compound with capacities of up to 1.10kg per hour. It has been developed for chocolate, compound recipes and fat crèmes containing a low fat percentage and/or a high content of milk powders. According to the company, it has a unique configuration between a horizontal mixer, (water-cooled) grinding shaft, grinding tank and grinding media, resulting in an optimum use of the grinding/cooling efficiency. Also on display at the show will be Caotech’s PG 6,000 beater blade mill for the pre-grinding of cocoa nibs, a CAO 4000 for high capacity cocoa liquor refining and a newly developed laboratory mixer/ball mill refiner.

Carle & Montanari-OPM – Hall 4, Stand E21

Carle & Montanari-OPM and CMFIMA will introduce its Nano Chocoline, a small line for chocolate preparation, designed for companies producing small batches. The mini line, which can produce up to 250/300kg per hour, has the same features as a large modern production line and consists of the MTE-250 mixer, designed to mix the solid and liquid raw materials for the production of chocolate, compound and cream masses, the first stage refiner HCP 303 and the second stage refiner HFI 306, both with three refining rolls and the ALPHA1 the horizontal conching machine with a single agitator shaft, suitable for final conching of the refined mass. Also on display will be the Next Cavemill, a new intermittent chocolate moulding line, presented in the 650 x 350 version for solid chocolate products and solid with inclusions. In addition, there will be a new spinning machine for moulding hollow figures and big eggs that will be shown in a version for 860 x 406mm moulds.

Cama Group – Hall 13, Stand C31

Cama Group will exhibit its IF318 robotised monoblock loading unit an integrated platform for forming/loading/closing of food and non-food products into paperboard or corrugated carton or case. Working with a given product infeed capacity, manufacturers can change the number, and so the pitch, of boxes handled at each of the three robotic stations, each one decoupled from the other ones, thanks to the independent electronic movers. The variable box handling device allows automatic changeover for required carton/case size along the track. The IG robotic line comprises two robotic units, packing flowpacks in multiple flavour and layer collations.

Cepi – Hall 3, Stand F18

Cepi will highlight its system for the grinding of crystal sugar with ATEX conform mills tailored to the system’s capacity and required particle size, inclusive of automatic feeding and storage tank with stirrer to avoid buildup and facilitate discharge. The system is provided with safety devices such as anti-explosion hatch and level sensors. The company will also showcase the improvements in its Trimix system for the automatic dosage of powdered ingredients, which consists of modular and extendible hermetic units and can handle challenging materials such as cocoa powder, powdered milk and salt. The new shape of the hoppers allows for faster product discharge, with accurate metering, according to the company.

Chocotech – Hall 3, Stand A07

Chocotech will present its solutions for both soft and hard candy type masses, including caramel, fondant, fudges, jellies, gummies, aerated masses, laminated nut masses, halwa, chewy candy, hard candy, medicated soft and hard candies.

On display will be a newly designed Sucrotwist pressure dissolver for starch type jellies, a new continuous dynamic cooler, as well as a new process for caramel making using the patented Ecograv system.

Domino – Hall 11, Stand D55

Domino will present its Ax-Series range of continuous ink jet (CIJ) printers, along with various coding and marking technologies – ranging from fibre laser and thermal transfer overprinting systems to digitally printed label samples. The Ax-Series comprises the Ax150i, the Ax350i and the Ax550i, a range of high-tech CIJ printers tailored to a wide range of customer requirements.

Extrugroup – Hall 4, Stand D59

Extrugroup, which manufactures extrusion machinery for confectionery applications, will showcase some of its popular products, including fruit liquorice, traditional liquorice and fruit snacks. The company’s continuous production lines and tailor made components include cooking, mixing and forming extruders, diemixes, rotary, co-extrusion and fixed dies, cooling tunnels, sugar sanders and guillotine cutters.

Gabler – Hall 3, Stand A01

Gabler will present a coating system that covers film coating, hard and soft coating, as well as sugar and sugar free coating. The company will also showcase a chocolate spraying cabin which is used to form a thin layer of chocolate, as well as a bubble gum ball forming machine with two ropes to double the output.

GEA – Hall 7A, Stand B09/B31

GEA will highlight its Aquarius coating line, which forms, cools, coats and wraps ball and 3D lollipops at up to 600 per minute. Next to that, the Aquarius BunchWrapper machine will be demonstrated, fitted with two labellers for lollipops; one for placing labels inside the wrapping film and the other for labeling the stick. These techniques enable manufacturers to add barcodes, promotional designs and logos at up to 800 lollipops per minute. There will also be two continuous motion SmartPackers on display, a CX250 with a multihead weigher and a CX400. These machines can handle stand up packaging formats, including Quatro seal and Easy Doystyle. GEA’s SmartPackers handle fragile or gummy candy at high speeds and features a product-in-seal detection system so no product gets between the sealing jaws.

Gocmen – Hall 2, Stand F03

Gocmen, which specialises in wafer and chocolate machines, will present its chocolate enrobing machine. The machine has a detachable chocolate reservoir, making it easy to coat products in two different colours. There is an electrical panel for adjusting heat control, band speed control, thickness of chocolate coating and vibration. The chocolate feeding tank and pipe line are made with double-wall and heated by hot water.

Haas – Hall 3, Stand B22/B46

Under its Franz Haas Wafer (FHW) business, the company will introduce new HESZ systems for wafer cutting and gentle handover to packing machines. It will also highlight its latest Eco oven, which included reduction of gas consumption and emissions, and has a heating adjustment concept. In addition, the EWB line will be shown with a cream aeration system by Haas Mondomix, which can also be used for savoury and spicy applications. Haas-Meincke, meanwhile, will present an entry level cookie line that will showcase three topics: wire-cutter 6050, IFC oven and Industry 4.0.

Hacos – Hall 1, Stand A23

Hacos will present its Minos 9 3D one shot depositor with a 3D decoration function and its new chainless automatic moulding line, which uses a servo driven mould transport system. The Minos 9 3D for the production of centre filled bonbons and bars is an upgrade from the Minos, that is already equipped with a programmable belt for 2D effects. The 3D feature adds an extra dimension to the belt of the depositor, so it has a two-axis movement. This makes the depositor suitable for decorating chocolate. New this year is the 3D quadroshot programme which allows chocolatiers to make a 3D formed shape with two colours of chocolate and two fillings. The Minos 9 3D is also equipped with a new Siemens Simotion motion control system and Hacos’ ChocoCAD design software. The moulding line, meanwhile, is designed in a way that there is a gap between the machines and the floor to make it easy to clean the floor. In the line there are easy access points to be able to get on the inside of the line and easily access all parts. It is available for mould sizes from 275 x 175mm up to 600 x 205mm and can work from 10 to 30 moulds per minute.

Hamburg Dresdner – Hall 3, Stand E07

Hamburg Dresdner will present its five-roll refiner HFS 180 S, which combines the benefits of a machine with a roll length of 1800mm with the performance of a five-roll refiner with rolls having a length of 2500mm. It will also exhibit its series of Macintyre Refiner Conches, a technology that allows a chocolate manufacturer to combine the process steps of mixing, refining and conching in one machine. An integrated ‘bean to chocolate mass’ for the production of artisan chocolate will also be on show, consisting of a cocoa roaster, a winnower and a refiner conche, which can be used for the production of cocoa and chocolate mass.

Ishida Europe – Hall 15, Stand A25/A26

Ishida Europe will present its latest developments in weighing systems, inspection technology, complete snacks packing and fresh food automation with integrated software solutions. In the weighing area, Ishida will showcase a variety of models suitable for confectionery applications, including compact versions for high value, low target weight applications or where factory space is at a premium, in addition to a high head 32 head version, capable of handling single product at fast speeds or up to eight different products for discharge into the same pack. Highlights in the inspection area will include the company’s new IX series x-ray range, which has an added fail safe system that is said to prevent contaminated products reaching the consumer.

Lareka – Hall 4, Stand D51

Lareka will be demonstrating what it describes as a major step forward in reducing thermal damage to chocolate tablets. Its new sealing bar, which has a shield between the bar and the product, stays at 26°C compared to standard sealing bars that go up to 140°C. This, the company says, results in bars are perfectly formed and glossy. The sealing bar, which can only be produced by 3D printing in stainless steel, has an integrated ventilation with cooling ribs.

Linx Printing Technologies – Hall 11, Stand C58

Linx Printing Technologies will showcase its range of laser coding solutions, including the CSL10 and CSL30. The company says these have helped to open up the benefits of laser to more companies and applications.

The Linx 8900 series and Linx 10 will also be highlighted. The Linx 8900 is said to maximise efficiencies during production for cost and time savings, while the Linx 10 is a compact and portable entry-level CIJ printer. It has been designed for smaller businesses coding products for the first time or whose potential for business growth is hampered by the use of less flexible, non-digital coding methods.

LoeschPack – Hall 15, Stand A41

LoeschPack will debut its RCB-HS machine for packaging small chocolate products, combining a hermetically sealed pack style with a traditional fold wrap look. It is capable of packaging up to 600 products a minute. The machine produces the fold wrap in one wrapping head and hot-seals the pack circumferentially. The heat bars seal film against film, ensuring tight packaging and preventing any damage to the products. Folding elements then produce the traditional fold wrap. The company will also showcase the new Loop-GB gondola storage system and the FCB platform for packaging chocolate, biscuits and chewing gum and CMT cartoning machine.

Mettler-Toledo – Hall 11, Stand B55

Mettler-Toledo Product Inspection will present a wide range of solutions from x-ray and checkweighing to vision inspection and metal detection, alongside software packages such as ProdX, designed to make integration and data management as straightforward as possible for firms with demanding production schedules. The company will also launch its two new checkweighing systems, which are said to offer performance increases of 30 per cent. Terminal sizes vary accordingly and the systems will be available with numerous options in various combinations.

Multivac – Hall 5, Stand E23

Multivac will present a range of packaging solutions for upstream and downstream processes such as infeed equipment, pack filling, labelling and marking, quality inspection and end of line packing. This will include the R 145 thermoforming packaging machine, which features a cutting system, helping to reduce packaging material consumption. The H 052 handling module converges the packs and feeds them to downstream process equipment. For bakery products, it will unveil its new G 700 traysealer in a fully automated line. The G 700 is said to have a high cycle output and can run trays in a wide range of materials.

Multipond – Hall 15, Stand A03

Multipond is expanding its high-speed series 400 with a new memory weigher, which is capable of up to 900 weighings per minute. The MP-36-400-400-J-S5 is equipped with the smallest hoppers (0.4 litre) and is most suitable for low weights and mixtures of up to eight different components. This can include jelly babies, nuts and spices. It is designed in accordance with United States Department of Agriculture and European Hygienic Engineering and Design Group. Parts can be removed without the use of tools.

PFM – Hall 13, Stand C15 

PFM will showcase its labour saving design for film alignment on baggers, with extra models based on the concept. The R-700 intermittent motion bagging machine is joined by a high speed continuous motion version, the RC600 and a twin tube machine, the RD550. Both are capable of producing stand up bags at speeds up to 80 a minute. The new R-Series machines are said to reduce changeover time and virtually eliminate film often wasted as operators get film edges into alignment. Key to the system is a turner bar that directs film to the forming tube. The angle of the bar is adjustable via motors to provide lateral movement and hence film centering, with the exact position held in memory then monitored and maintained during production. Also on display will be the SPS biscuit packaging line and its new DX-Series pouch machine.

Prefamac – Hall 3, Stand E47

Prefamac will showcase its Switch Ultra enrober machine. The large chocolate under tray can be removed from the machine and the entire bottom tray. The machines are available from 400mm to 1600mm. The company will also showcase a machine with two bottom trays, two double curtains, two vibrations and two blowing units. In addition, a new ‘simpler’ enrober will be on display along with the Power cooling tunnels, chocolate melters and flaking machines.

Proform – Hall 4, Stand A25

Proform will showcase its Ball Former, Extruder and Liquorice Cooker. The Ball Former BF 1002 can shape a solid rope or a hollow product rope, with a semi-liquid or powder filling, into a variety of spherical shapes, from balls to eggs or pears, bottles or lentils, in a range of sizes. The same ball former can shape bubble or chewing gum, grained chewy candy, hard candy and marzipan. The high hygiene version of the GE 140 Extruder will be shown, which is designed to prevent any product accumulation during the forming process. In the KE 60 Liquorice Cooker, liquorice or fruit gum is cooked, mixed, dehumidified and pressed though the die-system, forming laces or bites, wound wheels, filled tubes or twists in single or multiple colours. The self-cleaning system means that product changeovers are simple and quick, ensuring minimal waste when starting and stopping production.

Sacmi – Hall 4, Stand G20

Sharing its stand with C&M Holding, Sacmi will showcase its modular labellers and new packaging robots. This includes its new compression technology for the manufacture of confectionery packaging and coffee pods. It is said to offer short cycle times (2.4-3.2 seconds) as opposed to 3.8-5 seconds with injection technology. The plastic extrusion process which, with compression, occurs at lower temperatures, can provide energy savings of over 30 per cent.

Sandvik/SGL Technology – Hall 3, Stand F44

Sandvik will highlight its steel belts and processing systems for the food industry, including bake oven belts, conveyor systems and chocolate forming systems. The carbon steel bake oven belts are said to deliver reliable performance, as well as stability, durability and low operating costs versus mesh belts. They can also be used to bake different product types, including all-butter cookies. The company’s stainless steel belts are used for processing applications such as cooling, drying, freezing and conveying. Also on show will be moulding machines for the production of industrial chocolate chunks, bars and chips/drops (up to six times per hour from minimal floor space with a multilayer system).

Schubert – Hall 14, Stand A06

Schubert will present flexible application possibilities for confectionery manufacturers using as an example a TLM system consisting of five sub-machines, which packages filled cone-shaped wafers into cartons.

The maximum output of this system is 250 wafers per minute. A line consisting of four sub-machines, which packs biscuit-filled trays into two-piece tins or boxes will also be on display. The maximum output of the machine is 55 tins or boxes per minute with 11 different formats.

Schur Flexibles – Hall 10, Stand D96

Schur Flexibles Group will present its portfolio of shrinkable materials, which includes both shrink films and bags. According to the company, they are heat-resistant and extend the shelf life of the packaged goods. Also on display will be its FlexiClose solution for thermoformers, trayseal and flowpack applications. The range of transparent films are equipped with a medium barrier or high barrier. FlexiClose includes films with different tear forces and reclosing cycles. Packaging using this material can be securely closed up to ten times. The reclosing film concepts are suitable for packaging dry food, cereals and snacks.

Sollich – Hall 3, Stand B07/C08

Sollich will present advancements within its Turbo tempering machines. The Turbotemper Flex in combination with cleaning devices allows confectioners to use the machine in a flexible way for various requirements, the company says. The machine, which is suitable for tempering and aerating filling masses, has efficient heat transfer and allows for quick mass changeovers. The Reworktemper RWT 125 and RWT 250/400 have been improved to facilitate the optimal processing of rework masses in combination with depositing systems.

Sparc Systems – Hall 17, Stand B44

This year, weighing and inspection system supplier Sparc Systems will make its debut at Interpack. The UK company will showcase three fully integrated, end of line inspection systems. The Theia with x-ray inspection and the Cerberus with metal detection (both incorporate checkweighing, vision inspection and rejection) will be joined by the Iris pipeline x-ray system. With some of the smallest footprints in the industry, the systems are compact and offer a complete end of line solution bakery product manufacturers.

Tanis Confectionery – Hall 3, Stand B29

Tanis Confectionery will showcase its T-Gel family process line for the production of gums and jellies, with a kitchen and moulding 800 x 40 (mogul) equipment for the capacity of 4.50kg per hour. The T-Gel pilot model, meanwhile, has a capacity of 100kg per hour. In addition, the company will highlight its T-Bar forming line to produce cereal and nougat bars. The line is a completely hygienic design and it will also produce energy and nutritional bars. T-Chew (for the production or chewy products), T-Cream (for the production of fondants and creams), T Brown (for the production of toffee and caramels), and T-Rock (for the production of hard candy) machines will also be on display.

Theegarten-Pactec – Hall 4, Stand A21

Theegarten-Pactec will present its new CFW-D packaging machine for moulded or coated chocolate products. The CFW-D is suitable for fold wrapping napolitains or small pralines with or without sleeves. Thanks to the machine’s twin-lane design, up to 1,400 products can be produced per minute. The company says product tolerances are compensated through the use of spring retainer jaws on the packing head. In addition, sensors detect the rate of delivery to minimise backlogs and set an optimum machine speed depending on the products being fed. The company will also present its U1-D-CW in combination with an F3 stick packer. The space-saving system packs products such as chewing gum in side fold, bottom fold or envelope fold at up to 2,000 products per minute and then overwraps them in multipacks.

TNA – Hall 15, Stand B22

TNA will be using a combination of virtual and augmented reality to showcase its range of packaging and processing solutions. This will include its mogul lines for confectionery processing, including some of its starch moulding systems and all the necessary ancillary equipment. It will also include integrated, high speed vertical, form, fill and seal machines such as the Robag FX 3ci and full washdown solutions like Arctic 3. In addition, the company’s horizontal and vibratory motion distribution systems, including Roflo HM 3 and Roflo VM 3, which are designed to help minimise product loss for optimal conveying, will be on display.

Wolf – Hall 3, Stand D08

Wolf Spezialmaschinen-GmbH will showcase the newest design of its Candy Coater, which is designed to reduce coating times on soft and hard sugar. It will also present its new Belt coater DRA 1600/2000, new Belt Polishing machines BPM and new Enrober TCN 420 with automatic tempering unit. Also on display will be the company’s Lab Belt coating machine DRA – 500 and Drop depositor DDT 400. In addition, Wolf will showcase its new UF-200 Hybrid chocolate tempering machine.

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