Barry Callebaut launches Treat Tomorrow campaign shaping the future of chocolate

The Barry Callebaut Group has unveiled its Treat Tomorrow campaign drawing together experts and customers to shape plans for the next generation of indulgent chocolate experiences, writes Neill Barston.

As the Swiss-headquartered business explained, it is aiming to foster new and emerging consumer desires addressing climate, social inequality, and personal health concerns, which will be put in the spotlight starting with a global gathering live streaming online event on April 28.

Despite a backdrop of challenging conditions amid the ongoing pandemic, the company has continued to extend its global operations including opening a further confectionery production facility in India, as well as expanding presence in markets including China, where it recently opened its fourth office and third chocolate academy within the country.

Antoine de Saint-Affrique (below), CEO of the Barry Callebaut Group, explained that in light of present pandemic conditions, the business is seeking to draw together experts and consumers in shaping the future of chocolate.

He said: “The COVID-19 crisis disrupted the whole world and accelerated changes already in the making. By initiating Treat Tomorrow, we aim to shift the dialogue with customers, brands and artisans with regards to consumer attitude changes.”

The Treat Tomorrow initiative is supported by a platform to provide knowledge and insights to elicit positive change. On April 28, Treat Tomorrow will be kicked-off with the live-streaming of 5 mini-series addressing five pressing consumer questions.

Each mini-series reflects on the subject from multiple perspectives: macro trends, food & health science, brand case studies, and next-generation consumer applications. The miniseries will be live hosted by an anchor to stimulate the interactivity and discussions. Topics include: health, next generation indulgence, plant-based, sustainability and the climate.

It will offer the chance hear latest insights from global confectionery experts, consumer insights, as well as exploring some of the key ingredients making headlines in 2021, as well as a ‘pop up chef’ feature in which the company’s specialists take on some daring confectionery creation challenges.

Registration for the kick-off is now open for customers. Including to sign up for individual one-on-one ‘Choc’Xchanges’ with experts to draft an action plan to shape the future of chocolate indulgence for the benefits of personal and environmental health.


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