Indian confectionery event forges link with International Institute of Chocolate and Cacao Tasting

An innovative educational confectionery event held in Chennai, India, has seen a collaboration between Cocoatrait and the UK based International Institute of Chocolate and Cacao Tasting (IICCT).

As a result, the programme saw the successful conclusion of Asia’s first level 1 and 2 foundation award in chocolate tasting, with the aim to bring world class tutoring to audiences in the region. The course centred on the IICCT’s established programme that is now certified in seven countries including the US, Italy, Netherlands, Denmark, Hong Kong and Taiwan. “We are proud to host this certification program in India before other developed countries in Asia,” said certified chocolate taster L Nitin Chordia.

As the company added, India is a fast-growing market for specialty and craft chocolates, though previously, it has never been looked at very seriously.

However, that is quickly changing as professionals recognise the need to understand cacao and chocolate in more detail not only as a product but even as an ingredient.

“This course helped participants understand the importance and role of the cacao farmer in the value chain and the impact every step of post harvesting has on the flavour of the chocolate delivered. The craft chocolate revolution in India has officially begun,” added L Nitin Chordia.

“We believe that if a chocolate maker understands the nuances in flavours of the final chocolate bar in greater detail, it gives him a sight of the end goal and he/she sees a clear path to success in product development.

“We saw an enthusiastic group of participants including micro-batch chocolate makers, chocolatiers, Industry sector professionals, senior academicians, food technology professionals, future chocolatiers and enthusiasts from across the country now having a higher level of understanding of cacao and fine chocolate,” concluded L Nitin Chordia.

This set of participants will rewrite the rules and future of craft chocolates in India, set the required benchmarks and take the globally successful craft chocolate movement in India forward.

“If you are a French chocolate maker, and you have to go to Venezuela or Peru or Colombia to get your cacao, it’ll be like making wine in Argentina and importing the grapes from France. It doesn’t make sense,” Martin Christy explained.

“Being close to the cacao is imperative to the making of quality chocolate. We are pleased to partner with Cocoatrait and lay a firm foundation for Indian bean to bar chocolate makers to get inspired and innovate further” says Martin Christy, the founder of IICCT.
“This effort is a giant step forward in bringing India at par with what is currently occurring globally and we look forward to returning to India in August 2019.”

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