Unveiling one of the tastiest roles in global confectionery

One of the most popular job adverts in Europe over the past week must surely have been Ferrero’s call for 60 taste testers at its facilities in northern Italy.

The ad called for sixty non-professional sensory judges, appealing for budding Willy Wonka’s eager to make their mark in the confectionery world.

Clearly, they are not going to be short of takers for this sweetest of part-time posts that includes three months of training in all aspects of product tasting.

Such a move is unusual, though not without precedent, with Cadbury calling for several independent testers earlier this year at its UK facilities, which no doubt prompted plenty of interest.

As I found myself earlier this year at ISM and ProSweets in Cologne through visiting Barry Callebaut’s stand, there is definitely an under-appreciated art to chocolate testing.

The Swiss manufacturer has recently devised its flavour wheel test wheel system that is most easily likened to the wine tasting process. It highlights the fact there are a wealth of extremely complex flavour profiles that can be delivered through chocolate, making it a far more fascinating product than you might ever imagine.

The fact companies are actively coming forward looking for taste testers should be seen as a positive marker for the industry, that innovation is still very much happening out there.

With the high level of competition that exists across the confectionery and bakery markets, it is perhaps little surprise that companies recognise the need to take their product series’ forward is greater than ever.

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