Bunge Loders Croklaan responds with solutions for EU drive on nutrition labelling

Netherlands-based oils and fats specialist Bunge Loders Croklaan (BLC) is set to increase its focus on reformulation solutions within the confectionery and bakery sector, as European businesses prepare for front of pack nutrition labelling requirements.

As the company revealed, its solutions focus on delivering reductions in saturated fatty acids (SAFA), and sugar reductions, enabling healthier choices without compromising on taste experience.

With consumers becoming increasingly conscious about their food choices, there is unprecedented momentum around the standardisation of food labelling systems that enable healthier purchasing choices for consumers. European regulators too are gearing up to make front-of-pack nutrition labelling mandatory by the end of 2022.

“Proactively choosing to adopt and implement front-of-pack nutrition labels ahead of European regulation will undoubtedly give food products in the indulgent category a true competitive edge in Europe,” said Feike Swennenhuis, Marketing Director EMEA at BLC. “Our goal is to work closely with our customers to re-imagine their most loved products so their consumers can continue to indulge in them guilt-free. We are fully set up to ensure a more balanced nutritional profile is achieved without adding any complexity to the production process.”

“At BLC, we are guided first and foremost by the goal to deliver an uncompromised tasting experience. Our oils and fats solutions are proof that more conscious and more nutritious does not have to mean less taste. Having extensively tested our proposition on products across categories, we believe we have cracked the code for food manufacturers looking to win in the market for the foreseeable future.” said Renee Boerenfijn, Innovation Director EMEA at BLC.

As experts in oils and fats, BLC has gained strong expertise and in-depth market knowledge in applying fat solutions for sugar and SAFA reductions, resulting in more nutritionally balanced options for the consumer. For instance, BLC’s Sweetolin product, as introduced earlier this year, is a first-of-its-kind total fat system solution that enables up to 50% less sugar in the final confectionery product without compromising taste experience.

The science behind BLC’s proposition is backed by longstanding expertise and commitment to deliver innovative and tailor-made specialty fat solutions to global food manufacturers. In-house lipid and application expertise enable smooth and effortless co-creation with customers while our global footprint and integrated supply chain ensure continuous and uninterrupted supply.

BLC looks to collaborate with leaders in the food industry to improve the performance of their products on nutrition labels. With its latest campaign, the company invites its customers to move the needle #totheleft and up the score line on labels like Nutri-Score.

Significant, it is already reportedly engaging with its customers concerning FOP improvements for cookies, chocolate coatings and spreads, ice cream and chips/crisps.

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