Barry Callebaut hosts global launch for Cacaofruit experience series

Barry Callebaut has unveiled its Cacaofruit Experience series of products including a new  chocolate range, with further application for use across the confectionery, bakery, ice-cream and drinks market. Neill Barston reports from San Francisco

Swiss-headquartered Barry Callebaut has launched its Cacaofruit Experience product series for the chocolate and snacks sector, designed with a world-first in enhanced sustainable production processes.

As the company revealed at an unveiling ceremony in San Francisco, California, the new release makes use of the entire cacao fruit, whereas 70% of it is typically disposed of as waste with conventional products.

According to the business, utilising the pulp and peel material has enabled it to form the core basis of a broad range of products that include chocolate, desserts, bakery, pastry, snacks, as well as drinks series.

The firm has conducted extensive market research with consumers and found that those under 30 termed millennials and centennials are seeking a healthy life and aim to be respectful to the environment, which the business believes answers this need.

A select group of international journalists including Confectionery Production, were offered a behind the scenes exploration of the development of this latest series, which is shortly to go into production.

The business said it will be actively working with its commercial partners within the confectionery sector in order to realise the full potential for the series, which will see the business expand into the broader snacks segment.

As the business confirmed, the initial roll-out of the new series will be delivered through Mondelez International, with its SnackFutures innovation venture hub. Its CaPao brand is set to pilot two cacaofruit snack products – Smoothie Ball and Jerky Strips, with retailers in the Los Angeles, California, US region.

Barry Callebaut’s CEO Antoine de Saint-Affrique led the launch of Cacaofruit Experience event, explaining that the creation of its latest innovation would deliver a notable new chapter for the company in the wake of its Ruby chocolate development.

He said: “Innovation is one of the pillars of our growth strategy. Our unparalleled knowledge has enabled us to break new ground, unleashing the full power of the cacaofruit, which the Mayans cherished as ‘food of the Gods.’ Today, we have again unveiled a world first with cacaofruit. We are looking forward to starting a new journey with our customers and discovering the new range of applications that Cacaofruit Experience and Wholefruit chocolate will make possible.”
Speaking to Confectionery Production, Bas Smit, global vice president of marketing for Barry Callebaut, said that the launch represented another milestone for the business in delivering its goal of major launches every two years.

He said: “This is a significant launch for us and I believe that it is something that is going to be revolutionary for the whole food and drink category.

“It offers the next generation of products, and is made from nutrient-dense cacaofruit that has a fresh fruity signature taste that makes full use of the parts of the cacao that used to be discarded as waste. It satisfies a need for consumers for products that are tasty, nutritious and honest.

As part of this launch, we have unveiled wholefruit chocolate, which is available in two versions, Wholefruit Bold, and smooth, Wholefruit Velvety.

“This chocolate has 40% less sugar than other average chocolate bars, as well has offering 90% more fibre, and 25% more protein, so its nutritional value makes it one of a kind, and this reflects what the centennial consumers (those in their teens), are looking for, a happy and healthy life,” added Smit, who said that the cacaofruit could have strong use across confectionery and bakery applications.

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