Macpac revamps website amid demand for bespoke packaging

UK-based packaging specialists Macpac have devised a new website following an increase in demand for bespoke designs, including its lines developed for confectionery.

Its latest online resource has been fully optimised for work on PC, tablets or mobiles, offering support on its broad spectrum of thermoforming packaging design, tool-making and manufacturing, which are delivered from its plant in Stockport.

The company’s facilities include an integrated in-house design and production capabilities that have worked across a number of sectors including confectionery, with the business being commissioned by a number of major UK retailers.

A spokesperson for Macpac commented on the company’s approach to its product development. He said: “Adopting fine-tuned environmentally-friendly design practice should always be considered at the start of the design process, as should working in collaboration with customers to minimise environmental impact and avoiding costly downstream delays and cancellation.”

Speaking on the major issue of concerns surrounding the use of plastics in packaging which have come into sharp focus since David Attenborough’s latest Blue Planet series, the company added that it had made considerable inroads into ensuring its product range had as minimal environmental impact as possible.

A spokesperson for the business explained that the packaging industry in the UK is already subject to strict regulation with regards to food grade packaging solutions, as well as there being close monitoring of waste streams and energy consumption.

He added: “We currently use materials which are, not only 100% recyclable, but are also made from over 80% recycled materials. In a lot of cases the reason that we don’t use 100% recycled materials is due to a requirement to satisfy food grade standards of cleanliness and hygiene. However, for a large number of non-food products we actually use 100% recycled raw material.
“As with all processes thermoforming generates a certain degree of waste, however 100% of this waste is granulated and returned to our suppliers for reprocessing allowing us to reuse this material again and again.”  For details of the upgraded site, visit

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