Revamped market trends platform from Givaudan

A revamped digital platform has been developed by flavour group Givaudan, which aims to track and respond to customer requirements across its portfolio.

The company, which has devised a broad spectrum of products for industry, including the confectionery and bakery sectors, has released its Flavourvision system to mark its 10th anniversary.

According to the company, its initiative has identified seven significant consumer trends that cover engagement with technology influencing food choices, through to a perceived demand for multi-sensory eating experiences.

As Givaudan explained, the Flavourvision system has been brought to life with over 250 market examples including examining how health, identity, and enjoyment are translated into eating and drinking experiences, which the group believes will help provide greater clarity and guidance for customers considering new products.

The system has been developed from independent survey data from 33,000 consumers in 25 markets. It included articulating changes in society, politics, economics, environment and technology and their implications for consumer attitudes and behaviours. These factors enable customers a comprehensive and in-depth analysis of consumer food and drink trends.

“These developments represent a significant step forward for our customers offering greater granularity of insight,” says Marissa Barnes, global marketing head.

“They need ideas that are relevant and actionable to take a future focused approach to product development. With FlavourVision we link consumer trends to the most pressing food and beverage challenges, and to our flavours and technical solutions. We connect the ‘wow’ with the ‘how’ for our customers in an effective, user-friendly way.”

The novel digital platform allows Givaudan to conduct virtual TrendTreksTM with customers, so they can find out about the latest trends in each market. Customers can see what’s on the menu at the newest local restaurants, view the most up to date food and drink products on the shelves in local stores and find out about what is in vogue locally such as vegan rainbow lattes in coffee shops in North America or Stoyn “sculptural” ice cream from Russia, an all-natural ice cream shaped as pop cultural icons that entertain the senses with flavours, and the brain with shapes.

Pictures, comments and videos of these experiences are uploaded onto the platform and can be shared with audiences in real time, around the world, allowing them to experience the TrendTrekTM virtually.

“We are really excited by the new platform which allows us to see the day-to-day development of these trends at street level in regional markets across the world. This will allow us to give our customers both a top down view of the major trends influencing the market, complemented by an understanding of how this is playing out locally,” Barnes continues.

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