Ishida sets up webinar on the major sector role for multihead weighing

A new webinar from Ishida is set to explore the vital role that multihead weighing plays in delivering the high speeds and efficiencies within confectionery, snacks and bakery operations, writes Neill Barston.

The event, which takes place on Tuesday, 23 February, and is the third in a series of presentations under the banner of “Automate Production, enhance productivity” that the business has recently rolled out.

As the company noted, globally there is a demand across food production sectors to meet higher volumes, to ensure quality and to deliver on sustainability goals. The webinar will focus on the many challenges that food manufacturers are facing today, based on Ishida’s longstanding experience across the company’s immense global installed base, including the particular demands brought about by the current pandemic.

With the overriding need to maximise production output and efficiencies, a series of presentations focused on multihead weighing will examine some of the obstacles to achieving this – such as overcoming speed restrictions, particularly with the challenges of difficult-to-handle products; lack of accuracy leading to excessive giveaway and inconsistent pack weights; shorter production runs and the need for maximum flexibility to respond to fast-changing customer requirements; and unplanned machine downtime, whilst demonstrating the contribution that multihead weighing technology continues to make in overcoming these challenges.

“Multihead weighing has already made a huge contribution to improving product control, speed and accuracy on the packing line,” commented Neil Wightley, Multihead Weigher Business Manager of Ishida Europe.

“However, technology never stands still. Ishida has always been committed to a policy of continuous improvement and this webinar will enable us to share some of the latest innovations. For the food industry, with competition as tough as ever, the margins between making and losing money can be extremely fine. This means that even the smallest improvements in speed or accuracy can deliver a marked difference in a very short time on busy production lines.”

To help manufacturers meet the requirement to maximise speed without compromising accuracy, the presentation will cover how weighing efficiency can be further improved through increased automation.

The role of advanced software in helping to maintain consistent weigher operation and avoid operator errors, and the value the availability of relevant production data can bring to enhance weighing accuracy, will also be focused on during the webinar.

Finally, with unplanned downtime a constant threat to meeting production targets and the many challenges and changes to working practices brought about by the pandemic, the Ishida team will detail the various steps which companies can take, and the support that is available, to maintain and maximise machine uptime.

The presentations will be followed by a Question and Answer session where a panel of Ishida experts will respond to points raised by the audience during the webinar. In addition, a poll conducted throughout the event will seek to identify what participants consider to be some of the most important current weighing issues and challenges.

Wrightley added: “Audience participation will be an important part of the webinar, as it provides valuable feedback from users that will help to inform our ongoing new product development programme.”

The inventor of and world market leader in multihead weighing technology, Ishida has sold over 60,000 multihead weighers worldwide. The company offers an extensive range of models, capable of meeting the needs and budgets of food manufacturers of all sizes, and able to handle the widest variety of products, including many challenging applications.

For further details and to register for the webinar, which takes place on Tuesday, 23 February at 10am (GMT),

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