Barry Callebaut launches chocolate and fruit fillings

Cocoa and chocolate manufacturer Barry Callebaut has introduced a range of chocolate and fruit fillings for confectionery and bakery applications.

With low water activity, the chocolate and fruit fillings satisfy consumer needs for premium, multisensory experiences by boosting the taste of pralines, tablets and biscuits.

At the ISM trade fair in Cologne, Germany, last week, the company added that because of the low water activity values, micro-organisms can’t grow, meaning there is no need for preservatives. There is less migration of moisture to dough, resulting in a well-maintained crunchiness for those inclusions where you need it.

Made solely with Swiss chocolate, the chocolate filling has a rich intense chocolate taste and smooth texture. It contains 40 per cent less calories than fat based fillings. All fillings are made without added vegetable fats or preservatives. The fruit fillings, meanwhile, use a fruit puree base and offer a refreshing fruity taste and smooth texture.

The confectionary range comes in chocolate, raspberry, apple and apricot versions and has a water activity of less than 0.6. The bakery range comes in raspberry, apple, apricot and has a water activity of less than 0.5. Both are said to offer bake stability.

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