Innova Market Insights: World Confectionery Conference interview

Returning as one of our keynote speakers for this year’s World Confectionery Conference is an experience that Myrthe de Beukelaar, a senior associate with Innova Market Insights, is keenly anticipating. Editor Neill Barston quizzes her major trends ahead of our key industry event taking place in Brussels this September

Q: How did it feel being a part of our debut online event last year, and on returning to make an appearance at our first physical conference?

A: Despite the World Confectionery Conference’s inevitable move to an online format last year, I look back on an exciting debut event. If you missed out on last year’s Innova presentation, this year’s edition will definitely bring a new opportunity to stay ahead of confectionery market trends. The way we treat and reward ourselves has been greatly impacted during the pandemic, with notable shifts in public attitudes further shaping the confectionery industry on the long-term. I’m very much looking forward to sharing a fresh perspective on what’s new and what’s next, in-person.

Q: What are the most challenging aspects of your role, and how do you approach researching latest sector developments?

It has been an exciting journey so far with Innova Market Insights. From day one I’ve had the opportunity to work closely with leading companies around the world, engaging our clients at the front end of innovation and ensuring that they want to come back for more. My approach is collaborative, insight-oriented, and considerate of what our clients identify as their business priorities. A key challenge in my role is dealing with the fast pace of the food and beverage industry, which at the same time is motivating me to keep an open communication line with our clients. Knowing that our tailored insights help them succeed makes me go the extra mile in tracking new product developments.

Q: Since your last presentation, what do you believe the most significant shift in trends has been for the confectionery and snacks sectors?

You can definitely expect an update on the accelerated demand for everyday treats and luxuries at a time when health is more in focus. Seeing health aspects push through amid the pandemic, as well as a global effort toward responsibly made products, the definition of ‘value-added confectionery’ hasn’t stopped evolving since my last presentation. After so long locked down, and with the threat not over, there’s no time to waste when it comes to sampling something new that elevates our senses to the fullest. The quest for sensory enhancement is such a priority that we named ‘Amplified Experiences’ as one of Innova’s Top Ten Trends for 2022. From companies prioritising new dimensions of indulgence to teaming up for unexpected collaborations, I can’t wait to tell you more about future perspectives on ‘confectionery for the senses’.

Q: In your working life to date, what has been your most satisfying achievement?

A: I’m proud to be a part of a growing team of analysts at Innova Market Insights, in which hard work, assertiveness and an entrepreneurial mindset are being appreciated. I’ve been leading the work on Innova’s annual Top Ten Trends since I joined in 2018 and it is fascinating to track their evolution and impact across the food and beverage industry over the years. It’s a satisfying process to anticipate market trends, sharing actionable insights based on data patterns, and to track further growth after our Top Ten Trends release. At the World Confectionery Conference, I will demonstrate how our Top Ten Trends can be leveraged to uncover opportunities for the confectionery market.

Q: Beyond work, what matters most to you and how do you most enjoy spending your free time?
A: With many hours spent sitting at my desk, an analyst’s life can be tough on both body and mind. A few lucky colleagues have perhaps seen me do
a “demi plié” during my coffee break, but I find it easier to let off steam during ballet and modern jazz classes after office hours. Dancing means a lot
to me. It enables both energy release and renewal. The way you use your energy is also remarkably contrasting with computer work, allowing daily
experiences to sink in and mature.

World Confectionery Conference registration and awards

To register for this year’s conference visit our dedicated website – where you can also nominate your business or another company in our World Confectionery Awards through that location. For all a conference sponsorship and exhibiting opportunities contact Amy Best- [email protected]

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