Natural colour solutions form key element of Capol’s ProSweets showcase

Germany-based Capol is set to showcase its well established series of natural colours and surface finishes for the confectionery sector at this year’s special edition of ProSweets in Cologne, reports Neill Barston.

The event, which takes place between 23-25 April is set to see more than 110 exhibitors on the ingredients and equipment side of the sector, alongside more than 1,100 sweets and snacks businesses return once again to the key Koelnmesse site.

As Capol revealed, its extensive portfolio of solutions is set to showcase how manufacturers can develop both natural and visually appealing confectionery products, including its key Vivapigments range.

Moreover, as the business noted, in order to attract consumers, confectionery products and snacks must be a delight for all the senses. At the same time, consumer demand is increasing when it comes to naturalness and transparency around the ingredients being used.

At this year’s ProSweets, CAPOL will demonstrate how to support the “sensory wow” effect with natural solutions from the field of colours, flavours, and surface finishes with expert advice and inspiration at the trade show booth. At ProSweets 2023, the company’s primary focus will be on the visual component of product development.

Already widely established as the standard in Europe, natural food colours are also becoming more and more prevalent in the American and Asian confectionery markets.

As the business noted, its Vivapigments natural colour pigments ranges can be applied to a wide array of confectionery products as well as baked goods and sweet or savoury snacks can shine in vibrant colours – all naturally.

The range works through encapsulating natural colouring substances in a rice protein matrix using the company’s patented technology, delivering natural pigments that can be created with a high degree of focus on stability and opacity. From gums and jellies to pralines and sugar-coated dragées, there are no limits to the applications that can be imagined with through its core application.

Furthermore, as the company observed, with Titanium dioxide (TiO2)  being increasingly criticised for its use as a whitening agent in food – and indeed since August 7, 2022, its use as a food additive including for confectionery has been banned in the EU, meaning that natural solutions such as Vivapigments are in increasing demand.

Natural alternative
The business has recently extended its range to include a white colour, based on calcium carbonate encapsulated with rice protein, providing a natural alternative to TiO2.

It is reportedly particularly characterised by its high opacity and is used in such areas as confectionery coatings. In the hard sugar-coating process, Vivapigments White is an excellent choice of whitening agent for the top layer between the dark dragée core and the shiny color layer on the surface – it also provides excellent coverage and is easy to apply.

In addition, as the company noted, what would a colorful dragée be without a perfect finish? Based on decades of experience in confectionery surface treatment, Capol will be showing its latest developments in the field of glazing, anti-sticking, and sealing agents for the confectionery industry at ProSweets. As part of the product formulation, surface treatment agents must meet the ever-increasing consumer demands on confectionery while retaining their functionality and efficiency when applied.

Today’s consumers are paying more attention than ever to the beneficial effects products can have on their own well-being, health, and the environment. Mindful consumption is a top priority – which is why confectionery that is sustainable, vegetarian or vegan, as well as sugar-reduced or sugar-free, continue to be in vogue. To fulfil these and further requirements from an international customer base, CAPOL continues to optimize and expand its range of individual solutions in the field of confectionery surface finishing.

The special edition of ProSweets will be held in the central hallway (“Central Boulevard”), between the exhibition halls of ISM and the adjoining passages between Halls 4 and 5. Capol can be found at booth D-009/011.


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