Mantrose-Haeuser develops latest polishing line for gummies and liquorice

US-based ingredients firm Mantrose-Haeuser has expanded its Certicoat product line with additional plant-based anti-sticking polishes developed for gummy and liquorice applications, reports Neill Barston.

As the company explained to Confectionery Production, its new series uses proprietary plant-based lipid formulations, manufactured at its high-level food safety certified facilities both in America and Europe.

Mantrose-Haeuser’s advanced lab has a food coatings technical team dedicated to the development of new formulations to meet market demands as well as working directly with customers to establish process enhancements and new applications.

Within the scope of confectionery, food, pharmaceutical and supplements coatings markets, Mantrose-Haeuser has formulations available in plant-based, organic, non-GMO, clean label and low-VOC variations.

The company has developed high grade edible coatings and specialty products for a number of sectors including confectionery and the wider food market for  for decades. Since founding over 100 years ago, it has focused on delivering quality ranges for customers across industries, operating a subsidiary of RPM International, Inc., a five billion dollar specialty coatings company.

A spokesperson for Mantrose said: “Given that consumers are highly focused on environmental impact, we have worked on expanding and developing product lines that are both healthier for the consumer and healthier for the planet. Our business has plant-based options in many other product lines, including Certiseal for high-gloss chocolate polishing, Mantrocel for film coating and Crystalac for shine retention in confections, pharmaceuticals and nutraceuticals. Verdecoat is a sustainable, compostable barrier coating for food-contact packaging that is revolutionising the impact of packaging waste on landfills. More details are available at

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