Moo Free Chocolates reports major growth in its vegan chocolate ranges

British-based ethically-founded brand Moo Free Chocolates has reported a major 300% growth in its online sales in the past year, amid a key spike in demand for vegan ranges, writes Neill Barston.

Last year, the business made notable investment into a brand makeover, with the company confirming an ambitious  double figure growth plans for 2021.

As part of this, the Devon-based company has appointed a marketing agency to help expand its loyal fan base and increase purchase frequency further.

A family run firm, established by Mike and Andrea Jessop, Moo Free has evolved over the past ten years, having been founded after their son was found to be dairy intolerant and after being frustrated by an apparent lack of confectionery options, they devised their own.

Since founding just over a decade ago, the company has been continually refining and perfecting its recipes to forge what they believe is some of the best tasting, ethical and free from, vegan chocolate. Notably, its confectionery creations are made from two types of cocoa beans.

“We started by making a few Easter eggs using a milk alternative chocolate in 2008, which flew out the door. We then got a flood of emails asking for the same in an Advent calendar and other products.  This is when it all began to get a bit serious.  We re-mortgaged our house and invested in some machinery and ingredients.  Over the next two years the recipe was tweaked and volunteers were forced to try dozens of samples until, finally in May 2010 Moo Free was officially born,” explained the couple on the foundation of their business.


The company’s Everyday and Mini Bar range is made from UTZ/Rainforest Alliance cocoa from Africa, and their Premium range uses organic cocoa sourced from the Dominican Republic which is produced to high ethical standards. They also offer seasonal products for Easter and Christmas, a monthly subscription box, truffles and buttons.

Moo Free is full of flavour but is free from gluten, soya and palm oil, its packaging is fully recyclable, and is also registered with the Vegan Society.

Andrea Jessop, Moo Free CEO comments: “We have enjoyed seeing the online shop continue to grow, especially in 2020 where sales were particularly strong. With the popularity of vegan and plant-based diets, we are forecasting a very buoyant year ahead.”


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