NCA reports majority of US set to celebrate Christmas season with confectionery

Research from the US-based National Confectioners Association has shown that 85% of Americans are intending to celebrate Christmas with confectionery and chocolate after a particularly challenging year, writes Neill Barston.

The organisation noted that consumers are seeking consistency and normalcy while celebrating the winter holidays even as they adopt COVID-19 safety precautions.

From stuffing a stocking with treats or spinning a dreidel for some Hanukkah gelt, the NCA believed that seasonal treats offer a key means of maintaining traditions and adapting to celebrations that will severely limit social gatherings amid the covid crisis.

In response, the confectionery trade association has produced an internet resource to help families celebrate Christmas responsibly and in the best possible fashion, offering its top 10 ideas at Winter Holidays Central.

Among its top suggestions is mindful enjoyment of Christmas – as most people in the US enjoying confectionery around 2-3 times per week, during the holidays, look out for your favourite treats in package sizes of 200 calories or less.

Another tip comes relates to timing of indulging in the festive season – Whether you’ll be sharing a meal with your family, joining a virtual Happy Hour, or exchanging gifts via Zoom, think about when and how you want to treat yourself, so you are not faced with making on-the-spot decisions. The NCA’s guide also advocates remembering an exercise routine over the winter holidays, which might not traditionally be top of everyone’s agenda during the festive season, but is more important than ever amid the pandemic.

“In a year when so much has changed, people are finding comfort in creative holiday traditions that involve chocolate or candy,” said NCA President & CEO John Downs. “Chocolate and candy spark all sorts of nostalgia and comforting memories – which can continue no matter how or with whom people are celebrating.”

NCA is delivering resources to help people manage their sugar intake around the holidays with a digital hub at Whether you’re looking for fun facts about popular traditions, need tips on how to treat responsibly or just want to know the “right” way to eat a candy cane, NCA has you covered.

Some more fun facts about the winter holidays: 91% of Americans say they celebrate the winter holidays with chocolate and candy, 80% of Americans will purchase as much or more chocolate and candy than normal during the 2020 winter holiday season – Most people in the U.S. enjoy chocolate and candy 2-3 times per week.

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