Tony’s Chocolonely launches dark milk bar for UK market

Netherlands-founded confectionery brand Tony’s Chocolonely, which has placed ethical trading as its core goal, is launching a new dark milk chocolate bar for the UK market, as it urges the industry to increase its action on child labour.

As the company noted, despite the industry pledges around tackling the major issue, the use of children working on cocoa farms in key producing territories including Ivory Coast and Ghana, has in fact reportedly risen over the past decade.

Consequently, the company, which has forged a strategic production link with Barry Callebaut for the supply of its chocolate (pictured at this year’s ISM), Tony’s has called on chocolate fans to sign a petition to make all chocolate companies 100% responsible for their supply chains. Linked to this, the business is also asking consumers to use an industry scorecard devised by Green America to further inform their purchases.

Launching exclusively in Sainsbury’s, its latest offering comes in a pastel blue wrapper and is made with Belgian Fairtrade chocolate with at least 42% cocoa solids, it has been designed to offer the taste of a milk chocolate bar with the added bite of dark chocolate.






The latest bar is made with 148 impact beans – with farmers set to earn more for every cocoa bean that is sold, which is part of the company’s mission for ‘100% slave free chocolate.’ As part of this, the firm has created its own  In typical Tony’s style, they have created it own system in West Africa to be able to trace their cocoa back to source, and they personally work with the farms and factories to track their impact.

The company, which was founded in 2005 by a team of Dutch journalists, highlighted the fact that there are currently 2.1 million children working illegally and at least 30,000 instances of modern slavery on cocoa farms in Ghana and Ivory Coast where around two thirds of global cocoa supplies are sourced. As part of its ‘recipe for slave-free cocoa’ they pay farmers a living income and use their bean tracker technology to ensure a fully traceable supply chain.


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