MacIntyre reveals latest refiner conche equipment series

MacIntyre reveals latest refiner conche equipment series

MacIntyre Chocolate Systems has unveiled its latest generation refiner/conche range that has been developed with more flexible and enhanced control of the refining process, together with improved design and easier maintenance.

As the UK-based company explained, with processing capacities from 500Kg up to 5,000Kg, the series is ideal for both small and large batch production of a variety of products used in the confectionery, savoury and bakery industry.

The MacIntyre Refiner/Conche range has been designed to offer a simple method of mixing and refining fat based masses, in addition to producing smooth refined and conched chocolate with particle size as low as 15 microns. The New Generation Refiner/Conche is reportedly capable of grinding nuts into paste, and also cocoa nibs into liquid chocolate for bars in addition to producing ice cream coatings, chocolate spreads, yoghurt coatings, and sweet and savoury cremes.

In addition, the company has expanded the capability of the refiner/conche’s PLC software to include multi-step programming. This includes a product specific set of process parameters or ‘recipes’ can be stored in the PLC allowing the correct set of process parameters for a given product to be selected with a single touch of the control panel screen.

The New Generation Refiner/Conche’s control panel screen also features a comprehensive suite of control and monitoring functions including maintenance alerts, storing and download of actual run data which is vital for production traceability. As well as accurate control of water and product temperatures, the new generation range features a ‘non-contact’ transducer which is used to control and monitor the system’s refining pressure, creating a virtual pressure scale viewable on the machine’s control panel.

Improved Design

With the new range, MacIntyre introduces its first machines made using advanced technology for castings with increased strength and durability. The introduction of a pressurised air chocolate seal, and redesigned sealing assemblies improve seal life to enable simpler maintenance and reduced downtime. For quicker and easier commissioning of the refiner/conche, a hygienic cable system has been introduced for trouble-free installation.

“With well over 100 years’ experience in chocolate manufacture, the MacIntyre refiner/conche has consistently set the standard for production of high quality chocolate and compounds,” says Joe Gorman, operations director, MacIntyre Chocolate Systems. The new range is designed to enhance the operations of companies committed to high quality chocolate and broaden the scope for the Refiner/Conche in the savoury and bakery markets.”

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