Application specific multihead weigher range

Ishida Europe has launched a range of application specific multihead weighers for a wide range of products, including confectionery.

Based on the company’s RV Series, the Ishida Sector Solutions range offers weighers for 12 different product types – frozen meat, frozen vegetables, pasta, cereals, dried fruit, fruit & nuts, fresh produce, salad, confectionery, biscuits and bakery, stick snacks and pet food.

Each machine, Ishida says, has special features for each sector to ensure the optimum handling of products, such as reduced discharge angles and drop distances for fragile products, and in some cases special coated surfaces for quick transfer of the most challenging products through the weigher.

All 14 heads are capable of being used in a single combination calculation, while the weigher’s triple combination calculation software can calculate three optimal weight combinations, double check them and select the one nearest to the target weight in a single cycle. This, it explains, minimises error discharges, increasing efficiency, while also enhancing weighing accuracy and consistency.

Ishida’s Pulse Width Modulation provides product-specific infeed control, and Anti-Floor Vibration removes background vibration noise from the load cell calculation for maximum weighing accuracy. The 12.1 inch remote control unit (RCU) can store 200 different product pre-sets for maximum flexibility and fast changeovers.

To enable customers to assess a weigher’s suitability for a particular application, product details such as bulk density and the required target weight can be entered into a speed estimator, which will calculate the potential speed that the weigher will be able to achieve.

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