UK’s Fudge Kitchen holds dinner dance marking pandemic resilience

UK confectionery business Fudge Kitchen has celebrated the collective teamwork of staff amid the pandemic with a formal dinner dance event for employees across the country.

The company paid tribute to its workforce with an evening at Castle Hotel, Windsor, earlier this week, which marked some notable recent successes, including doubling its online sales.

In addition, the ‘Fudge goes formal’ event also fell on the 39th birthday of the business, with a total of 54 employees attending the gathering, which included an awards ceremony.

Notably, it also staged a fudge making competition in which teams were tasked with creating a flavour, judged on their skills, cleanliness, weight of slice, and final batch shape, shine, and taste. Further group games were dubbed the ‘Fudge Olympics’ which will include blind taste-testing, ‘fudgey tic-tac-toe’, and fudge limbo.

Results of the competition were on view for visitors to its Windsor Fudge Kitchen shop following the event, where customers have been making the most of its Easter selection featuring Sea Salted Caramel, Triple Chocolate, Lemon Sherbet & Hot Cross Bun flavoured fudges.

As MD Sian Holt noted, the has a long-standing tradition of bringing its various shops together on an annual basis, and this proved a particularly memorable one.

She said: “With our shops so widely spread across the UK, it’s important to take the time to get the teams together. This year we can collectively applaud our survival and celebrate all that we have achieved, from a re-brand to making great headway along our sustainability journey.”

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