IPCO creates enhanced cooling tunnel system for confectionery markets

Netherlands-based process solutions business IPCO has enhanced its equipment series with an advanced new energy-efficient cooling tunnel for confectionery and bakery applications, reports Neill Barston.

As the business noted, its latest line delivers a unique airflow system with the hygienic qualities of a highly accessible, all-stainless steel design, with applications for a wide range of product handling.

According to IPCO, its new system can be designed with direct, indirect or impingement airflows, with a bottom cooling option also available. Airflow has been designed for maximum efficiency to deliver rapid, controlled cooling and significantly lower energy consumption than comparable lines.

This major addition to its range represents a signification extension of IPCO’s portfolio for the bakery and confectionery industries. The company has a strong heritage within the sector, having supplied the world’s first steel belt for a continuously operating bake oven in 1926, and is considered a key global supplier of  solid and perforated steel industrial bake oven belts.

Designed as an efficient, single pass process, IPCO’s new line can be equipped with stainless steel or plastic belts in standard widths of 1500 mm or 2000 mm, with other sizes available. The length of the tunnel can be designed around specific customer needs. Other features include belt alignment and safety systems, and the tunnel is supplied in modular form with all electrical equipment ready for connection, enabling fast installation and commissioning.

Notably, hygiene is key to the system’s design. All relevant components are made of stainless steel for easy cleaning and the whole line has been designed for maximum accessibility.

The efficient and economical design of IPCO’s new single pass cooling tunnel means it has applications in any sector of the food industry where products need to be cooled down. In the chocolate and confectionery business, this will usually be for forming or moulding processes; for the bakery industry it could be used for cooling anything from cookies and crackers to brownies, biscuits to cereal bars.

Commenting on its release, Mitchell Paquaij, Commercial Manager at IPCO Food, said: “In developing this process, we aimed to create a system that would deliver high levels of operability, accessibility and cleanability, while at the same time offering high levels sustainability and energy efficiency. In other words, we wanted to make a cooling tunnel that is as economical, energy efficient and user friendly as possible. And we are confident that we have achieved that goal.”


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