BDSI highlights key training opportunities for next generation of confectionery specialists

Germany’s confectionery trade association, the BDSI has highlighted a broad range of industry training opportunity available starting from this August, writes, Neill Barston.

As the organisation noted, the sector has traditionally taken on a number of apprenticeship placements over the summer months, with companies operating within the market often going on to offer their future employees full positions within a business and respective professions relating to the industry.

The BDSI noted there were presently around 100 training positions presently available through its apprenticeship exchange, across 13 disciplines. These included posts for  Confectionery technologists, Specialist for food technology,  Mechatronics technician, Machine and system operator, Electronics technicians, warehouse logistics, Industrial mechanic, Dual degree in business administration, as well as various commercial professions.

As the BDSI added, training courses within the industry have been typically considered an attractive prospect (as with the ZDS technical college in Germany, pictured), with relative long-term stability of the sector, supported by the popularity of German confectionery both domestically and overseas.

There has been a high value placed on the quality standards associated with products “Made in Germany,’ as well as traditionally high level of skills acquired by German workforces, that enable staff excellent career prospects.

Study options include Food technology with a focus on baking and confectionery technology (Bachelor of Science), as well as food technology (Bachelor of Science). For more information on training and work placements, the BDSI apprenticeship exchange can be found at

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