Barry Callebaut’s natural Wholefruit Chocolate released under Evocao brand

Nearly two years on from its initial unveiling, Barry Callebaut has delivered its no added sugar Wholefruit Chocolate series under the banner of Evocao, targeting chocolatiers, artisans and pastry chefs, reports Neill Barston.

Confectionery Production attended the original 2019 launch for the series in San Francisco, with experts from its Cacao Barry gourmet brand further refining its latest range, made from 100% cacaofruit, delivering a zesty, natural taste that has been developed on a principle of being completely sustainably sourced.

Industry professionals were given a behind-the-scenes reveal of the new series yesterday (pictured main image, June 7), with the new couverture chocolate series given strong initial feedback in offering a versatile chocolate option. It makes full use of the fruit (including its pulp which was previously discarded), and is clean label in having no refined sugars, lecithins or vanilla flavouring, which the company believes instills  it with a unique profile.

Consequently, chefs have been encouraged to focus on cacao’s natural fruit properties to deliver new culinary innovations, with the first product, Evocao, set to pave the way for further releases in 2022. Its development has been inspired by feedback from 30 leading experts  from around the world.

The series is initially being made available with limited quantities in the UK, US, France, Italy, Brazil and Japan for professional artisans, before gaining an expanded international rollout. See Confectionery Production’s original interview with Bas Smit, Barry Callebaut’s Global Vice President of marketing, at its San Francisco launch.

Chef Ramon Morató, Creative Director of Cacao Barry, noted that Wholefruit chocolate represents more than just a chocolate, rather that it is a movement. “The values associated with this chocolate are a way of understanding life through sustainability, waste reduction, upcycling and a healthier diet to have better care for our planet. During the process of creating different recipes, we integrated these values that were somewhat already part of our way of seeing the profession, but that we wanted to make much more visible now to highlight even more our commitment to what we think is the future.This is just the beginning.”

As the company added, for  centuries the cacaofruit, one of the most grown fruit in the world, was harvested mainly for its beans to craft chocolate, leaving 70% of the rest of the fruit discarded as waste.

Today, Cacao Barry partners with Cabosse Naturals, which upcycles the delicious pulp and peel into a range of 100% pure cacaofruit ingredients, working closely alongside local farming communities operating within the Cocoa Horizons sustainability programme based within Ecuador.

They are tasked with sourcing  the highest quality fruits and offer to 450 small farmers an improved quality of life. They work together to limit the time between harvesting the fresh cacaofruits and the processing into delicious ingredients to no more than five hours. This is essential to preserve the high quality taste and nutrients of the fruits that are found in Wholefruit chocolate.

Andrea Doucet Donida, Global Leader of Cacao Barry added:  “We are very proud to offer to the gastronomy sector this new vision of chocolate that meets the current needs of ingredients good for oneself and for the planet. It is all the more positive that this new type of chocolate brings a new exciting taste experience with stimulating flavours pairing options for the chefs to explore and for their customers to indulge – wholesomely. Wholefruit chocolate Evocao is the chocolate of tomorrow, today.”


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