Ferrero signs Sicily based sustainable power agreement with Falck Renewables

An existing solar power scheme in Ragusa, Sicily, near the Falck site

The Ferrero group has confirmed a deal with Italian-based energy company Falck Renewables for a 10-year sustainable power supply agreement with two Sicilian photovoltaic projects contributing towards the confectionery company’s operations, reports Neill Barston.

As the business explained, the two sites, which are under development in the provinces of Ragusa and Trapani aim to integrate its technology systems with existing agricultural environments, and once operating, the plants (17.5 MW total), are expected to deliver up to 35 GWh of electricity annually – enough to power 13,000 homes.

Owned by Falck, the two corporate power purchase agreement projects (PPA), which are inspired by an agri-voltaic approach, bring together solar energy and agricultural investments, and will focus on the cultivation of native species and medicinal herbs. Once authorisation is obtained and the solar plants are built, local specialised operators will oversee the agricultural activity. When the plants are decommissioned, all the land used will revert to agriculture.

Furthermore, the energy company, which specialises in the design, build and production of power plants from renewable sources, confirmed that it would  invest in the agricultural activities, with the current and long-term benefits set to remain with local specialist operators. It has carried out similar projects in the UK, US, Spain, Sweden and Norway, using a combination of technologies including solar, biomass, and wind power solutions.

“We are delighted to contribute to Ferrero’s sustainability objectives, powering their factories with the electricity produced by our new photovoltaic projects,” commented Toni Volpe, CEO of Falck Renewables. “This is the second long term contract we have signed in Italy in 2021, a market that has significant growth potential for new sustainable PPAs”.

“We are proud that this agreement with Falck Renewables will lead to the construction of two plants following an integrated agri-voltaic philosophy in Italy, which will allow for the injection of additional green energy into the national grid”, said Michele Ferro, Ferrero Chief Industrial and Supply Officer. “For Ferrero this means a step forward towards achieving our Group’s sustainability objectives, both as we are continuing and securing our path to source 100% certified renewable electricity for our plants, and to reach our 2030 goal of cutting the GHG emissions from our operations by 50%”.

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