Research reveals confectionery and bakery ranges among most popular during pandemic

A study of pandemic eating habits has found independent food and drink brands are coming out on top, as consumers commit to supporting and spending up to 10 per cent more on products since the coronavirus lockdown, reports Neill Barston

Since the coronavirus crisis began, Brits’ shopping and spending habits have changed dramatically, according to research from communications group Jam, which cited demand for clothing has dropped by two fifths (YouGov) and almost a quarter of people (24%) have stopped buying electronics completely (Internet Retailing).

In stark contrast, research has found overwhelming support for independent food and drink brands, as 66 per cent of consumers purchased or recommended independents’ products during the lockdown. Whilst 50 per cent of shoppers stated they would be willing to spend five to ten per cent more on independent brands, even as the UK faces a deep economic recession.

According to its latest research, consumers most significant shopping category was fruit and veg (55 per cent reporting they would spend in this category), followed closely by 53 percent spending on dairy), followed by bakery (51 per cent), then confectionery at 46 per cent).

As Confectionery Production has previously reported, despite significant challenges posed to the entire food and drink market, the latest study tallies with previous reports citing an increase in sales within the sweets and snacks sector over the summer, as consumers seek a broader range of comfort food amid uncertain times.

Specialising in delivering integrated brand development and communication strategies for some of the world’s most successful food and drink brands, Jam conducted nationwide consumer research to better understand consumers’ buying habits following Covid.

The results are included in an industry white paper, free to download at Supporting brands during the current climate, Jam has used its research to delve into consumers’ post COVID-19 buying behaviour to allow brands to better understand how to market to audiences effectively and support conversions.

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