Survey reveals potential for gluten-free bakery

DuPont Nutrition & Health has produced a consumer survey revealing untapped potential for bakers to develop more and better-quality products with extra nutritional benefits.

According to the company, only an estimated 1% of the population is gluten-intolerant through celiac disease, Mintel market research reports that the percentage of consumers who buy gluten-free products is considerably higher – 11% in Italy and the UK, and 8% in France and Spain. Bakery products are top of the gluten-free shopping list.

In order to help bakers meet consumer demands, the business has now has launched its new ‘gluten-free solution finder’ based on its latest application trials.

As the company explained, its survey findings indicated that healthy living is a main driver of gluten-free sales in these markets. They also show gaps in the current range of gluten-free bakery products on store shelves. Even better quality and wider availability are two key consumer demands.

“It’s clear that consumers are looking for gluten-free bakery products that match regular products in terms of taste, texture and appearance. From a health perspective, they are interested in claims such as reduced sugar and high fibre and other ingredients that give a better nutritional profile,” said Lena Hamann, strategic marketing manager, bakery EMEA.

Another important finding concerns the broad variation in consumer preferences for gluten-free bakery products from market to market. Senior application scientist Helle Wium comments on the challenges of meeting these varied marked demands.

“Bakers use a range of gluten-free alternatives to standard wheat flour to satisfy the preferences of consumers in their markets. This is why there is no such thing as a one-size-fits-all ingredient solution to solve their quality challenges,” she explained.

The survey’s findings have provided valuable insights for ongoing gluten-free trials in the DuPont bakery application centre. Exploring key production parameters and ingredient combinations, the trials focus on ways to improve processing efficiency and sensory properties, including taste, texture, appearance and fresh-keeping quality.

This knowledge is behind the customised gluten-free solutions developed by DuPont for individual customer needs. It also is the foundation of the company’s gluten-free solution finder, a tool that helps bakers identify the right ingredient combinations to meet their market needs.

The solution finder includes two new DuPont Danisco ingredient blends. POWERFresh GF is for gluten-free bread and sweet goods that stay soft and moist throughout shelf life.

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