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First CME cocoa futures trades

CME Group, a derivatives marketplace, has announced the first trades of its new Physically Delivered Cocoa futures contract (contract code CCP), which were launched on its European exchange, CME Europe. A total of 240 contracts traded through four delivery months out to March 2016, with most trades taking place in the new crop December 2015 […]

Dupont bakery concepts

DuPont Nutrition & Health is putting bakery on the weight management map with new opportunities to keep consumers fuller longer and help them reduce their calorie intake overall. Five new concept ideas, each enriched with Litesse polydextrose dietary fibre and Supro soy protein, target weight conscious consumers who want to put hunger on hold. “Industrial […]


Swiss long life bakery sales fall

During 2014, the Swiss long life bakery product industry sold fewer biscuits than the previous year. Domestic sales experienced a slight fall, while export business saw a significant decline. The volumes sold abroad and the turnover achieved were both down for the fourth time in a row. The climate is set to become harsher still […]

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Seaweed derived coating

The Alexir Partnership, a carton board manufacturer and co-packer, has contributed to the development of a seaweed derived coating that could dramatically reduce the amount of non-biodegradable packaging sent to landfill each year. Working with companies from across Europe and Turkey, the Alexir Partnership, which employs 120 full-time  people split between its manufacturing and design […]

Sweet deal for popcorn brand

Diageo has just placed an order with Só Gourmet Popcorn, a Northern Irish start up business, which is based in Draperstown in county Londonderry. Established earlier this year by Declan McBride, who has a background in food production, Só Gourmet Popcorn was approached by Diageo to supply samples of the  luxury product for its staff […]


Cake mix improvements

14 August 2012 – Following recent improvements to Craigmillar cake mixes during 2011 and early in 2012, CSM UK has completed its review and renovation of Craigmillar Scone Concentrate (FVH) and Doughnut Concentrate (FVB) that has delivered a tangible improvement in eating experience to meet the latest consumer preferences. Joining the other six cake mixes […]

New Chinese factory

21November 2011 – Tna has recently unveiled its newest manufacturing plant in Qingdao, China. The plant, one of a series of new developments around the world, demonstrates tna’s commitment to both the China and Asian markets by providing local turnkey manufacturing solutions to its customers. Second largest after the US, China had a gross industrial […]

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Strengthening European footprint

2 September 2011 – Following the divestment of its European consumer business, Barry Callebaut is further strengthening its footprint in Region Europe. Over the next few months, the company will invest nearly €22 million to upgrade and expand existing facilities. The majority of these investments is planned for 2011 and will be fully operational as […]

Reducing saturated fats

CSM United Kingdom has launched the new Craigmillar Marvello RSF Blend, cake margarine. The new Marvello RSF Blend variant can help bakers not only meet government guidelines that target a 10% reduction in saturated fats in baked goods but also respond to new NHS Public Health Responsibility Deal concerns over healthier options regarding calorie loading. […]

Choux pastry mix offers cost savings

18 March 2011 – CSM United Kingdom has launched the Craigmillar choux pastry mix, just add water and mix to a smooth batter to produce choux pastry products. Unlike many other choux mixes on the market, the Craigmillar mix needs no additional egg – simply add water. This simple to use mix eliminates the need […]

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