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14 August 2012 – Following recent improvements to Craigmillar cake mixes during 2011 and early in 2012, CSM UK has completed its review and renovation of Craigmillar Scone Concentrate (FVH) and Doughnut Concentrate (FVB) that has delivered a tangible improvement in eating experience to meet the latest consumer preferences.

Joining the other six cake mixes in the Craigmillar range, recently voted by consumers as ‘best ever’ for taste, texture and enjoyment, the two new concentrates provide improved performance at no extra cost to bakers.

Craigmillar Doughnut Concentrate (FVB)

The latest improvements have focused on eating quality and addressing consumer tastes, that research shows have shifted towards softer eating, American style products. The new richer flavour and richer golden colour internal crumb will be a real hit with consumers who love a doughnut that really delivers on taste and looks. Complementing this, improvements have been made in the concentrate’s performance to give a bolder, rounder, increased volume and all round better looking product.

“For consumer enjoyment we have specifically focused on eating experience and ‘bounce back from bite’. The texture of the doughnuts made using the improved concentrate is lighter, more fluffy and yet has improved resilience which means when bitten into and squashed by the mouth the bounce back to a more rounded shape is significantly improved which leads to a better eating experience,” says David Astles, CSM UK.

Craigmillar Scone Concentrate (FVH)

A softer crumb, a richer more creamy taste and a creamier internal appearance all lead to a better scone eating experience for consumers; which is delivered as a result of the new combinations of ingredients developed by the Craigmillar innovation team.

“For bakers a slight increase in volume, as a result of ingredient changes adds further to the benefits of using this good value, good performance concentrate, particularly when addressing specific price point parameters.

“At CSM United Kingdom we are constantly striving to offer bakers the very best bakery products on the market, products that give craft bakers the advantage on the high street and which can help them build their businesses and generate sustainable success. Whilst we already knew that our Craigmillar cake mixes were amongst the best on the market it was important to us to continue to evolve and improve them so that they would continue to be the best in the market.

“Our innovations team has developed new combinations of ingredients and used the latest ingredients technology to deliver improvements to mixes that were already market leaders but will now address and satisfy consumers changing tastes and eating requirements. In using any of these new and improved Craigmillar cake mixes bakers can be confident in giving consumer satisfaction which will lead to repeat purchasing. When using these new, Craigmillar mixes, bakers can be sure to ‘mix with the best’,” says Astles.

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