Reducing saturated fats

CSM United Kingdom has launched the new Craigmillar Marvello RSF Blend, cake margarine. The new Marvello RSF Blend variant can help bakers not only meet government guidelines that target a 10% reduction in saturated fats in baked goods but also respond to new NHS Public Health Responsibility Deal concerns over healthier options regarding calorie loading. All this is achieved whilst still providing the same great performance and unique buttery taste that has made Marvello the most popular cake margarine on the market.

The SAFA (saturated fats) content of Marvello RSF is 25g per 100g, when compared with standard Craigmillar Marvello, this gives at least a 10 % reduction and allows bakers to serve a healthier choice of cakes and biscuits to their customers. By using the Marvello RSF margarine bakers will not usually need to adjust their recipes to stay within the government guidelines, they can simply continue to make the same great cakes as before – but with a healthier profile.

“With its creamy, delicious and distinctly buttery flavour, natural, rich yellow colour and versatility for cake and biscuit baking and cream filling making, Marvello has become an industry standard. Melting instantly in the mouth but remaining firm at room temperature and delicious for either hot or cold applications, the characteristics that have made Marvello the market leader remain unchanged,” says David Astles, CSM United Kingdom.

“CSM take health concerns seriously and have created new Craigmillar Marvello RSF Blend with this in mind. Its development has been influenced by the popularity of standard Marvello, which is already lower in SAFA than some competitor products, and our determination to give bakers the simplest option for a healthier baking alternative without compromising on taste.

We anticipate a high take up particularly from both large and small bakeries looking to present not only a healthier content in their product but also the opportunity to differentiate their products and take advantage of the trend for great tasting, healthier products.”

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